• Obama kills innocent people in foreign countries

    Obama has many things that may classify him as a terrorist in foreign countries. First off, you have to look at all the drone strikes that have killed innocent people. Next, remember our soldiers urinating upon dead bodies. Finally, Obama is currently detaining people in Guantanamo when they have been proven innocent. His reasons he himself has cited as being political. So he refuses to return people to their native land for political reasons! If Osama is a terrorist for his ties to 9/11 then Obama is a terrorist for all of the drone strikes and the innocent civilians he ahs murdered and detained.

  • He's corrupting our military, pissing off all of china and basically trying to change the constitution.

    Well, he tried to take away the right to vote from the military. Not to mention that he's trying to get rid of all of our nuclear weapons. Which will leave us wide open for an attack, between the people in the military getting discriminated against and having no strong weapons to back us up. China is our main place of import, and he's racking up the debt over there- much of it for frivolous things (fancy vacation to Africa, anyone?)- which can't be making the Chinese happy considering that at this rate we'll never be able to pay it off. On top of that, he's been trying to change the constitution- it's small thing here and there. Trying to change our right to bear arms here, a little less freedom of speech there. He basically said that there should not be Christianity in the military. He was supposedly born in Hawaii, though it took him a little long to get that birth certificate, if you ask me. I am not saying that he IS a terrorist, but you add all of the facts together, along with the fact that this country is going to total shit now that he's the president, It makes me highly suspicious.

  • Wow wow wow

    The drones are what would be used no matter who the president is. If Obama is a terrorist, then so is Herbert Hoover and FDR, don't forget Andrew Jackson either. And Washington? Yep, the dude loved battles, he once said "... I heard the bullets whistle, and, believe me, there is something charming in the sound.." George Bush Junior is also a terrorist then.

  • Obama is not a terrorist.

    The question itself is politically charged, however Obama is not a terrorist. Terrorist are individuals or groups of individuals that use guerrilla style displays of murder and destruction to insight fear and disorder, to achieve a political end. President Obama is an elected official and commander and chief of a military force. President Obama lays out general orders and objectives to reach a political goal. After which generals and strategic advisors develop a plan to carry out the objective. This is done in a concise manner with little to no collateral elements or events, whereas a terrorist type activities are basic and strategically crude, leaving lots of collateral elements and events. Terrorist activities are meant to create disorder, whereas Obama is trying to enforce or impart a brand or type of order. Finally, President Obama was elects by the people of a nation to lead a military force, not guided by self righteousness or personal purpose. That is a clear distinction.

  • No That's Stupid

    I don't care for Obama, but its stupid to call him a terrorist. I think he is bad for our economy, and for saying we should let gays marry, but he hasn't actually done anything to deserve being called a terrorist. A bad president for sure, but not a terrorist.

  • He's Not a Terrorist.

    I don't like Obama as our president. That being said, I don't think he's a terrorist. I think he is a human being trying to make our country better, and I think he has good intentions. He tries to do what's best, though not everyone always agrees with him. The people always find a reason to hate every president though, we aren't going to all agree.

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Noctan says2013-07-12T00:10:27.503
I'm not even going to vote on this. He isn't, the idea that he is is idiotic, and I'm not voting because there are actually opinions that are worth voting, and getting in arguments about.
TheShamelessTruth says2013-07-18T04:43:10
Terrorism is defined as an act of violence or intimidation used or fueled by political reasons. Many of us Americans, and many American heroes, are terrorist. Sorry :(