• The Murdering of Ambassador Chris Stevens and the other 3 Americans that died in Benghazi. The brave Americans were sent there and purposely MURDERED.

    He told the military to stand down when the resources of rescue were available and could have saved the Americans. How long did obama think the battle was going to last there would not be enough time to rescue the men. He is so vile and evil. They were MURDERED intentionally because Ambassador Stevens was the contact person for the illegal gun running that was going to Syria via Turkey. And there was an election. What a Misnomer and a WHOLE PACK OF LIES that surrounded the Tragedy.

  • Yes He Is.

    President Obama is a war criminal. There are orders he has given (or overseen) that are clearly in violation of war crimes laws. These include things like extraordinary rendition, torture of prisoners, and ordering the murder of people without giving them trials. That being said, most U.S. presidents have been war criminals as well.

  • Obama is not a war criminal.

    I am an Obama fan, so this is my opinion. I think he has done a lot of good for the United State including ending the war with Iran. He found Bin Laden and removed him from the face of the earth. He put an end to his reign of terror. He captured Hussain and had him executed. I think he is doing the best he can.

  • Our Preside is a war criminal.

    I don't think he is a war criminal. I hink he is just a man doing his best at a very hard job. I don't think anyone would to start a war for no reason and get hundreds of people killed that are from our country. I think is a good guy.

  • Not to me

    Some argue he is, a fraction of them in an intelligent and understandable manner. I'll openly admit his drone program is starting to become worrisome to me as it's starting to become a catch all solution for whatever the nation perceives as a problem in the world, but we're not at a war criminal stage in my opinion.

  • No on Obama as a war criminal!

    I'll start off by saying of course we all don't know every single thing Obama has done in other countries with our military for, but to call him a war criminal I think takes it to an extreme. That term is reserved for dictator that eliminate entire groups of people or a terrorist group that is guilty of the same thing. While I'm sure people in other countries may always perceive the US as evil, I don't think Obama is a war criminal.

  • No, but that doesn't make his decisions okay.

    I don't know that I'd use the term "war criminal," but I think a lot of his actions with regards to war, especially the drone program, are very, very questionable. We should all remember that something doesn't need to be illegal to be wrong, and that not everything that is legal is right.

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