• Yes, Obama is a Warrior President, Except...

    President Obama needs to step up his game. He is a man who has shown great aggressiveness, vigor, and courage in the face of all those who never believed he could take the White House in the first place. He has called out the other branches of government for their divisiveness and inability to come together as a whole. He has promised to bring our soldiers home and it is being done. He promised transparency and is revealing to us daily things we never knew we didn't know. A truly great warrior will fight on through the thicket of adversity until victory is in their hand. May the fight be the one fueled with hope promised before his first election. May he stomp through the bipartisan garbage and make us one nation. Let the man who won the Nobel Peace Prize come to the front and remind us what it means to be a peacemaker and an American.

  • Absolutely. He's the biggest hypocrite to ever enter the White House.

    He kills American citizens. Gives comfort to our enemies. The guy's a loan shark. You support him, and he kicks your butt to the curb when you become useless. He is no "civil rights" leader. He is an oppressive jerk. He has allowed terrorism to prosper by his actions, and he has committed High Treason. Obama needs Impeachment and then the Death Penalty for his crimes.

  • Yes. But this isn't good.

    Obama is a warrior president. He continued the two wars that the previous administration started, as well as stepping up the use of drone strikes in countries like Pakistan. Even now, he continues an aggressive foreign policy that seems like it may lead to war with Iran. We need a peacemaker, not a warrior. I have no idea why he was given the Nobel Peace Prize.

  • He ended one war, but continues on with others

    I believe President Obama is indeed a "warrior president." Although he rightfully ended the war in Iraq, our efforts still continue in Afghanistan, and as well as the surrounding regions where the President has authorized assassinations of individuals deemed to be enemies of the United States. Moreover, he has involved us in military actions and aide in the popular uprisings in the Middle East. Also let us not forget that President Obama was able to do what President Bush was unable to do: kill Bin Laden.

  • Like the guy below me,

    What does this even mean? If you can name me a president in the past that isn't a "warrior" president then sure...Obama is a warrior. Does it matter that he's a warrior president? Most likely not. Is being a warrior viewed negatively because of our Christian, violence-is-bad pacifist moral views? Most likely yes. If our nation's security and military dominance slack on this planet, would this be a threat to our individual being? Very likely yes. This debate is so one-sided I don't even understand why such a question would be asked. World politics isn't as easy as giving your neighbors cakes and flowers. There are missiles, guns, research, tanks, money, and so much human life involved that these issues of national security must be taken seriously. Lets take this analogy. I am some other country with some sort of military might and I point my gun at you. Are you going to sit there, take it, and shut up or are you going to point all your guns back at me? Pacifist bull doesn't fly through real world scenarios. America isn't some sort of lovable country. We are a superpower that many want to dethrone... we need to tread carefully.

  • What does this even mean?

    Is this strictly asking about military conflict? Then no, he's not, while he's been putting some boots on the ground he's also trying to get a lot out. If it's about his mentality that's also a no, a warrior wouldn't have let the GOP give him the finger every time he opened his mouth for four years, a warrior would have used the power available to him to go over their heads since they're worthless anyway. Obama deserves a lot of labels, equal parts good and bad, this one doesn't fit.

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