• Obama is acting like Bush in his decisions regarding Libya

    There are a lot of similarities between Obama's decisions in regards to Libya and Bush's decisions regarding Iraq and it seems that they are the right ones. Action has to be taken when a dictatorship abuses its people and its power. Neither Hussein nor Qaddafi show(ed) much concern for the citizens of their countries or what the rest of the world might think.

  • I don't see a big difference.

    Why did people hate Bush? Mostly for the wars and the advance of the police state. Has this stopped under Obama? No, its actually been increasing. The biggest difference between the two is that the left wing media is still behind him. If you think the right wing rhetoric against Obama is bad right now, you should try and remember the left wing rhetoric during the Bush years. Everything that I hated about Bush's policies, Obama has continued, and or made worse.

  • He is acting like a president

    Presidents make calls based on information we do not have access to and will probably never know. Obama is making those decisions based off of his judgement and the advice of his chosen cabinet. The people may not always care for the decisions but it is his burden to bear while we make second guess and apply pressure he alone makes the call.

  • Night & Day

    Bush could take a punch. He recognized and appreciated the fact that the media can say and do what they want and that folks have a right to dislike, even hate him if they want. Bush didn't care about polls, he cared about doing the best job he could. Obama is utterly ridiculous in how wussy he is. You would figure that an individual who is the top dog in the country would be able to 'roll with the punches' and embrace the truth that no matter what you do you cannot please everyone. Bush accepted this simple (and to most people who manage at ANY level), OBVIOUS fact, but for some reason Barry expects everyone to fall in line and agree 100% with everything he does. And if they dont, he is more than willing to allow the storyline of "must hate him/his policies because he's black" to be preached by others. There are so many ways in which they are different and I dont have the time nor the energy to go on and on but in short, Bush had BALLS, Obama is sackless. Sorry for the crude delivery of that truth but that's a big difference between the two in a nutshell. Pun fully intended.

  • Bush didn't know how to relate to people.He seemed uncomfortable talking in public. I actually think he wasn't all there mentally.

    He couldn't quote any articles losing concentration. He seemed stupid when giving a speech. He often put his foot in his mouth. I sincerely think he wasn't capable of being a president unlike his father who was well qualified. George Jr is a black sheep who will go down in history as a very bad president,one of the worst.

  • No, he's a joke that's what

    Obama is a freaking McDonald's-eating joke and a half. He's nothing like Bush at all. Obama doesn't know how to do anything but turn this country into a mess. Obama is so stupid, the first word he says every morning is "McDonald's." McDonald's is more on his mind than the American people. What a clueless moron.

  • Far From It

    Obama is not acting anything like Bush. President Obama is actually working hard trying to get this country back to where it once was. Back in the day, if you wanted to find George Bush you'd have to go visit the golf course. Obama is trying to actually help the people.

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