• Obama is a progressivist.

    Progressivism is a modern term used in the substitution of communism. For communism to function redistribution of wealth and harsh punishment of opposition is to occur. Obama has came up with these policies but with more subtlety. He created Obamacare and made it a required program. He promoted welfare which gives free supplies to people who rarely ever work. He is oppressing the bourgeoise (rich) and is under enforcing the proletariat (the low class) the last real democrat died with Kennedy. What will you decide is the truth?

  • Yes, Obama is a socialist.

    Yes, Obama is different than Bush, because Obama is a socialist. Obama believes in redistribution of wealth. Obama also does not believe that the American way of life is ideal. Bush believes in Reagan's city on a hill concept. Obama does not share Bush's positive view of America. They are very different politicians with different points of view.

  • Obama a Class Below Bush

    Bush made a number of mistakes in office, and he will probably long be looked at as less than a good president. Obama, however, took bad presidency to an entirely new level. He lied repeatedly to the American public, forced them to accept his disastrous health care strategy, and then spent his time taking Air Force One on endless vacations or posing for news magazines and photo opportunities.

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