• Obama Is a Bad Compromiser

    President Barack Obama has many strengths that have gotten him where he is today. Compromising is not one of those strengths. Obama is very adamant about his beliefs and goals and for the most part has refused to budge on many of his positions. This has left him somewhat stagnant when trying to get things done.

  • No, President Obama Is Not Bad at Compromising

    President Obama's Administration has been a study in compromise. He has had to endure insults to his intelligence, heritage and motivations. He has faced incredibly fierce opposition his entire presidency over even the most miniscule decisions. Now if one wants to argue that he is bad at compromising because he has compromised too much, that might be plausible. But in general, he has done tremendous work during his tenure despite the problems he has faced. It has been refreshing lately to see him stand firm on what he believes is right for the American people. He has the right amount of leverage right now to do what he needs to do for our citizens. He is carrying out the wishes and attending to the needs of the majority.

  • No, Obama is not bad at compromising

    Obama is not bad at compromising because he has tried his best to negotiate with the opposing party. He held off until the deadline to make sure he can get the most out of the negotiation. Obama has been very hardworking and has done what he thought is best for American.

  • Give him a chance to

    It's hard to fault the man for his ability to compromise when he's given a group of people that have no interest in doing so with him. When the stance of the opposition is "you're wrong no matter what" you can't find common ground with them. He may be firmer in his beliefs now, but it's because he's sick of their nonsense, not because he isn't interested in talking.

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