• A Great People with Biblical connection

    Our connection with Israel came naturally because we were once primarily a Christian nation. These descendent's of Jacob (Grandson of Abraham) were singled out by God to be not only the group through which he would bring us his truth but they would also serve as an example to the world, being both blessed and cursed for faithfulness or lack thereof. No nation in world history had been more consistently persecuted. No nation has ever been reformed after bring destroyed. It was through this small nation that God himself took on the form the man Jesus. He was and is the fulfillment of prophecy that most of the Jews are still not understanding. The world needs to pay attention to Israel. They are a key player in Gods prophetic time table. "Globalization" is a fantasy. Predicted thousands of years ago to usher in an age terror that the world has never seen. I'm not saying Israel is perfect. They are theologically wrong until the understand the messiah to come, already did. True Christians however still hold a special affection of love for them. We stand with, pray and hope the best for them. Prophetically, major powers will attempt to destroy Israel. They will lose big time. We need to be on their side. Obama is not a Christian. I'm not sure what he's is but he absolutely does not support Israel. I can't wait until he's gone. He is among the worse presidents this nation has ever had.

  • You bet he is

    His dad was a radical socialists and ant semite, and he has no understang of the history of the region. You cannot get the arabs and jews to sit down together ever. He directly avoids israels prime minister, and when he is eventually forced to sit down with him, obama has facial, body, and speach expressions that would show he cant stand the israeli prime minister. He not only hates israel he hates the jewish people.

  • He sure is...

    What Obama does not understand is that Israel is our only friend in the Middle East. Unfortunately, he metaphorically slapped Netanyahu in the face when this happened, I cannot stand him. He's a liar," Sarkozy told Obama. The US president responded by saying: "You're fed up with him? I have to deal with him every day." This may have hurt our relations more than just a bit.

  • Obama does not stand up to war hawks

    The biggest threat to Israel is that of war with Iran. While Obama does not support war, he also does not do enough to quiet war supporters in Congress. So long as these individuals advocate for violence true peace in the Middle East will not be achieved. Obama must stand up to these war mongers and show that he is powerful, but also peaceful; only then will Israel move closer towards security.

  • The Truth Hurts

    Who is your true friend? Is it someone who will let you look like an idiot in public or let you do something harmful to yourself or others without saying a word? Or is it someone who will tell you the truth, even if it hurts, because they want the best for you? I think it is the latter and, Obama has been treating Israel as a true friend should - not turning a blind eye to things that Israel does wrong, while also supporting Israel as much as possible.

  • Two Words: Iron and Dome.

    Obama was on board with everyone else to help build Iron Dome, which shoots 90% of all the Hamas rockets from the sky. How can anybody say that Obama is bad for Israel? He hasn't threatened to attack them, or stop helping them. Just because isn't agreeing with Netanyahu on everything doesn't make him bad for the entire country.

  • Conversely

    I think Israel is bad for America. The only reason Israel likes America is that they could not progress without our help. That assistance is really ridiculous because we do not get anything in return but problematic situations and the involvement in Israel's abuses against civilian populations. Israel do not even respect the UN.

    Posted by: Aned
  • Not one bit

    Obama is good for Israel and in turn good for America. We are a global community now and need to act accordingly. His influence can drastically change things there, and for the better. Americans will see his opinions and stances and respect him for what he does there so it will be good for the morale of the country.

  • They might think so but no

    Israel needs a reality check and a voice coming from America that says something other than "you're always right no matter what you do", which is what is in place now. It's about time somebody told them to stop abusing their American support, the ridiculous amount of fear in this country for ever saying Israel did something wrong is disgusting and I applaud the president for trying to get them to act like a respectable country.

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