• Obama sought to help the little guy but has only helped the establishment.

    You'll hear these statistics about "private sector growth and public sector decline." That's technically true, but it's not the whole story. State governments have declined while the federal government has assumed more responsibility. The big businesses and fortune 500 companies have flourished under Obama which has led to the private sector growth while local businesses struggle to stay afloat under Obamacare and other potential businesses struggle to get off the ground due to strict regulations. This will lead to the further strengthening of the irresponsible federal government and the continued power of big business which will decrease competition and rob the American people of the benefits capitalism and a free market economy can offer.

  • Yes, but the government in general is against small business.

    In a capitalist economy, like our own, people respond to incentives. If you make it mandatory to comply with an incalculably long list of regulations imposed by various government agencies, people respond to the incentive not to start a small business. As for Obama, rather than celebrate the individual achievement that is required to start and maintain a small business, he insists that there is no such thing as individual achievement and that everyone who is successful owes all of that success to the government.

  • Obama is bad all the way around!

    I agree, with extra tax laws big business would be able to adjust to comply a lot easier than small business. Obama has also done the corporate bail out for big businesses who cannot properly manage their money. Small businesses have a hard enough time to compete with large business and I think the Obama adminstration is making it harder for them to compete

  • Obama may be bad for small business.

    The extra regulations implemented under the Obama administration seem to favor big business. The amount of government compliance has increased under this administration. One example would be all of the extra EPA regulations. Larger companies have the resources to devote to government compliance where as smaller businesses do not. The new tax laws would tax business owners who file as individuals at a higher rate than before.

  • No President Obama is not bad for small business.

    I think President Obama always shows how much he cares for small businesses, I do not see how he is bad for small businesses. I remember after Black Friday the President and his daughters went to a small business store on Small Business Saturday and bought a few books. That to me shows he supports small businesses.

  • I don't see how this can be asserted.

    I'm not a fan of Obama, but I haven't seen any evidence that his actions have negatively affected small businesses. His actions have hurt a lot of people (especially victims of his drone strikes), but until somebody can name a specific action that negatively affected small business in the US, then I can't assert it.

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