• Yes, Obama is bad for the economy

    People in business are quite aware that Obama does not have their interests at heart. The economic recovery has been abysmally slow -- much, much worse than what has historically been seen. Frankly, the economic picture is even much worse than what it appears on the surface, and will not get better as long as Obama and his ilk have control.

  • One of many negative factors

    Obama proved in his first term that he was too inept to be able to control the economy. What resulted was a mess of a failed stimulus, more political arguing, and a 60% increase in the national debt. Obama likes to think he's trying, but things aren't improving under his leadership. Him not helping the economy is what's hurting it, even if he didn't cause the recession. He's overtaxing the people, instead of allowing them to spend the money on domestic product, and then doling it out to lazy people who will simply vote for him. It's Marxism - a system that has been proven to not work. Obama isn't to blame for the bad economy, but he is to blame for promising to fix it and only making it worse. Time will heal the economy, but Obama is making it stall by spending like a madman. There's a reason why a good amount of people think he's inept: He's not addressing the country's problems, and is instead engaging in a show of pageantry and celebrity status. That's not who the President is supposed to be.

  • Nope... stats prove not

    The stats on his website that has helped not made it worse. Soon as he come in they were losing jobs now they are gaining jobs. Http://www.Barackobama.Com/

    He could do with making it free but he is also making plans to redcuing the health care plans. Stats show he is good not bad...

  • Obama Saved The Economy

    George W. Bush wrecked the economy. After all, Wall Street imploded under Bush's watch. Obama inherited that mess, saved the auto industry, and tried to put the economy back together. The whole time he tried to do that, he was fought tooth and nail by Republican Party members who wanted him to fail from the get go.

    Posted by: rpr
  • No

    Obama is not uniquely bad for the economy. The president does not have a lot of power to control the economy, which is composed of trillions of smaller entities and various factors. He has not done a whole lot to help the economy, but he is not the basis for the bad economy.

  • No, the opposite is true.

    The economy is much improved and continuing to improve under Obama. There were more jobs added since Obama has been in office than during George W Bush's entire term. Unemployment has gone down. Domestic oil production has increased dramatically. Overall, Obama is doing better for the economy than his predecessor has.

  • I don't think so.

    The economy has greatly improved under the Obama administration since the economic downfall of 2008. Some of that is due to just regular policy, but a lot of it has to do with the policies the White House has accomplished to help our businesses and other items. I think he was good for the economy.

  • No not especially.

    I do not think that Obama is bad for the economy. I think that things like war and no job creation are what is bad for the economy. I think that the economy has improved since Obama took office. It is slow going, but I would say that he has been good for the economy.

  • He is not.

    Barack Obama is not bad for the economy. Barack Obama is doing his best to repair the economy so the United States of American can once again return to being prosperous. The reason the economy is in the toilet right not is because of George W. Bush, and not Obama.

  • Obama is not bad for the economy.

    The economy has been growing during Obama's administration, and his policies have been good for the nation's financial health. Obama's health care reform and his proposals for public works projects will inject money into the economy which will increase the number of jobs. His policies will also help the domestic manufacturing industry.

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