• Feel so bad

    I feel so bad for Obama i just had to do this :P but still guys why you hate Obama so much. If Romney was elected I bet you would have started saying Obama was better, and how do you know that Romney would have done better? Because of his promises?

  • He is way worse than Romney

    Because Obama is really scary looking and the kids don't like to look at him because whenever they see him, they are scared and want comfort, and at that stage of life the only thing that comforts them is pie so he Obama is slowly increasing the obesity rate I. Our nation

  • Obama is not better than Romney

    No, I do not think that Obama is better than Romney and that the country would be doing better economically now if Romney had been elected. Obama does not listen to others and just passes laws that will not work, unlike Romney who is a man of the people and works with others.

  • Obama Not Better Than Romney, Both Politicians

    No, Obama is not better than Romney as both are politicians, and the vast majority of politicians care only about power for themselves and power for their party. Though Obama won election with a rhetoric of "Hope and Change", he proved that he is a politician first and foremost. Romny would likely have done the same.

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