Is Obama correct in proposing that Pakistan be invaded in order to exterminate the Taliban?

  • Wipe them out, all of them.

    The Taliban are a dangerous movement that need to be exterminated. Because of the high level of corruption in Pakistan among its civic and religious leaders, a certain degree of international intervention is required to accomplish this goal. To that end, Obama's proposition of a Pakistan invasion is 100 percent correct.

  • No more wars.

    The Taliban is a cultural phenomenon that can't just be eradicated easily. They are part of the military, the government, and the tribal bodies in Pakistan. You cannot invade Pakistan and simply get rid of them. Have we learned nothing from Afghanistan? At this point you should negotiate with Taliban, not war with them.

  • Invasion is not the right tactic.

    I believe that the President may be wrong in saying that invading Pakistan is the only way to exterminate the Taliban. I don't think that starting any more wars in the unwinnable Middle East will really do us any favors as a country. They hate Americans over there and many side with the Taliban. Not all, but many.

  • No, if this is a legitimate quote

    I do not recall this statement coming out of Barack Obama's mouth, but if it did, it is incorrect. Invading one place does not eliminate the Taliban, it pisses the country that was invaded off and perhaps temporarily hinders the Taliban but does nothing more to the organization than that.

  • Taliban Will Not Be Exterminated

    I do not believe it is right to invade Pakistan with the guise that we will be able to exterminate the Taliban. The Taliban has a hierarchical structure that simply replaces operatives as they are killed off. I do not believe it is possible to totally exterminate the group and I do not believe we should go into Pakistan.

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