• Was he ever not corrupted?

    Honestly from the beginning he was corrupt. He wasn't even born in the hospital he put on his application. It wasn't even built when he put his birth date! Who knows what else he's lying about. I'm surprised he hasn't been impeached yet! Was he even really born in the United States? Not being racist or anything, just stating facts and my opinion on the topic.

  • While Obama certainly isn't entirely truthful, I doubt he's corrupt- Especially in comparison with other presidents.

    For one thing, President Obama's birth certificate is valid- The state of Hawaii proved it. But I won't argue on something so easily disproven, so I'll turn your heads to other factors- In Obama's SOTU and other addresses, most fact checkers find his claims to be mostly, or completely, true. He's not lying to our faces in that matter. For another, if we look back at our last two presidents, Clinton and Bush, Obama's brought us a long way from Clinton's constant lies and Bush's false promises. While I doubt no politician is totally truthful, we could be worse off with a different president.

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