• Yes, Obama is doing fine.

    Obama has made universal health care available to everyone in our country. Even if he did nothing else for the rest of his eight years he will have accomplished more good than any Bush. Obama has also started to wind down the silly wars that the previous administration started for no reason.

  • Yes, but with reservations.

    Obviously, President Obama is not as effective as his supporters would have hoped, but he is tackling some things valiantly. He is getting no support from the House of Representatives so it is a wonder that he can do anything. However, one has to admit he doesn't seem to have the right personality for getting things done in Washington.

  • Obama is doing a good job.

    Obama is doing a good job. Although he has had a lot of trouble dealing with congress, he has managed to pass a significant number of important laws. He has also made a number of important foreign policy decisions. Obama has also had a histroric presidency because he is the first black person elected to that office.

  • Yes he is.

    Obama is doing a good job. If you look at everything that Obama has done, he is doing it for the best interests of the United States. He is restabalizing the economy and bring the troops out of war, If you think he is doing a bad job, then you are biased.

  • I think he is.

    I know that he gets a lot of heat, but I think a large portion of it is unwarranted. I don't think that he is perfect, but he is far from the incompetent leader some have made him out to be. I am happy that he has expanded insurance to those who can't afford it and I am glad that he regularly speaks up for civil rights.

  • The worst !

    This president is worst then James Buchanan , Richard Nixon and
    Bill Clinton. This president was an advocate of Common Core.
    He could be facing ten years of prison to life because he made the
    Bergdahl swap without telling congress 30 days prior. He allowed
    illegal immigrants to cross our borders. He never fought ISIS. This
    president truly is the wort in history.

  • You can only blame Bush for so long

    Ronald Reagan inherited a worse economic situation from Jimmy Carter than Obama got from Bush and he has had 8 years to turn things around and has only made as many parts of our country as he can worse! I honestly believe we have not had a worse president in the history of the US!

  • Obama Doing Bad Job

    For the past few years, Obama has done a terrible job helming the country. His results as president haven't been too pretty. He has caused more gridlock in this country than most prior presidents. Plus, he is more controversial than productive, which is something that no president should achieve today.

  • No Obama is goind a bad job

    No, I do not think that Obama is doing a good job. The economy is getting worse, and no new jobs are being created. Also, many countries think that the United States is weaker since Obama does not follow foreign policy and has made the United States image worse off overseas.

  • Really...You have to ask?

    Are you kidding! He is one of, if not the absolute worst president we have ever had. Its ridiculous! He had done little for the overall benefit of our country, he spends his valuable time and our valuable money doing nothing but campaigning! He person driven by sketchy motivations and socialistic ideals.

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