• He saved the economy dummy!!

    In spite of the rabid republican opposition to every policy idea President Obama proposed (some of which was their ideas), and their dire predictions about the state of the economy should he have his way, President Obama has lowered the unemployment rate, ended two wars, found and killed Osama Bin Laden, prevented another major terrorist attack on American soil, passed healthcare reform, and normalized relations with Cuba, among other accomplishments. Had Obama been a Republican he would have replaced Ronald Reagan as the saint of the right wing.

  • He is destroying our economy!!!

    Liberals don't unsertand economics so lets break this down in small pieces so you libs cans understand the delicacy of the economy. We have a debt of 18 trillion. If we keep on spending the way we do for a (estimate of 10-15 years). We will wake up one morning and our value of our currency will be destroyed and we will have a real government shutdown. It won't be one of those fake ones on the news due to the sequester. Republicans are to blame as well. Our economy is a mixed economy, This means the government controls the economy as well as the free market. When the government goes down so does everything else. It's basic economics.

  • No way Jose

    He is communist, he is communist and makes the people who worked hard to earn money pay for the poor people who are homeless because they are lazy. Obamcare coming to a clinic near you, helping you out with hammers, blood and nails. Have fun dying. Watch Obama on tv, watch him fall on his knees, pleading for the people to help him, because they hate him from with-in.

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