Is Obama misguided and clueless, or is he just plain evil?

Asked by: LittleBallofHATE
  • I say he's evil.

    Just look at what he's done, since being elected. His ONE 'accomplishment' is Obamacare, and it is causing untold hardship for Americans. Many Americans can no longer get life saving treatments because their insurance has been cancelled, and Obamacare won't cover them. He lied through his teeth, to get it passed. He did it with zero republican support. When the elections roll around, remember who gave us this monstrosity. When you take away a persons ability to choose about something as personal and important as healthcare, you make them a slave. Isn't slavery evil? Think about it.

  • He's not evil; the real evil (the antichrist) is in Denmark

    Obama acts like an idiot sometimes, and his policies are misguided, but to call him evil is just slander. If anything the real evil is lurking in Northern Europe (which I believe will be the home of the Antichrist). There is evidence that Denmark (a brutal colonial power too; as we saw in Greenland) is the tribe of Dan from which the Antichrist will come from). They're the real evil. The human rights violations in Denmark. The racism, the KKK. The brutality in Greenland. That's the real evil, not Obama.

  • Obama is just misguided and clueless...

    Considering the relationship between world power (control) and the "coercive arts", I always just assumed that he still hasn't had the opportunity to experience many, if any, moments of enlightenment. I don't think that makes him evil, but I definitely think that he is unconsciously being manipulated by forces that have always existed and that have always demonstrated "evil" characteristics.

  • Trans Agenda to Divide & Confuse Us

    His legacy (apart from illegal wars and killing babies) will be the allowing of men to use the same toilet as young women. I'm 6"1, 195lbs... All I have to do is pop on a wig some lipstick and a dress and I'm free to enter the girls changing rooms. Bonkers

  • Depends how you define evil...

    1. Uses IRS to attack political groups who threaten his re-election chances in 2012.
    2. Lies about the nature of the Benghazi attack, arguably to sway the election.
    3. Fails to uphold laws such as DOMA (while it was still law)
    4. Repeatedly tries to overrule religious protections of charitable organizations (Obamacare, new anti-discrimination laws for gays lesbians, and all that)
    5. Creates and changes laws routinely as he sees fit

    Yes, he is evil and should not only be impeached but imprisoned.

  • Evil, Bush 2.0

    A man who kills children with drones, and assasinated an American citizen with a drone.
    Went to war without the approval of congress.
    Has smoked weed and done cocaine, yet allows people to be sent to jail for doing the same thing. Even when it is lawful in certain states.
    Has hugely increased the national debt.
    A man that forces young people to pay for the old with the the affordable care act.
    Has not closed guantanamo bay and still enforces the indefinite detention of people.
    Approved of the NSA and it's illegal spying
    Bails out bankers and corporations so he can get their election support

  • I shall start with a facepalm,

    Obama is not evil, nor is he even misguided. Or clueless. Evil would be enslaving America, evil would be a holocaust. There is Senseless slander being launced back and fourth between the parties and it shows a complete and utter lack of any measure of wisdom. I don't agree with Sarah Pailen, but do I say she's "the devils spawn"? No. Saying "evil" "foolish" "stupid" is not only non conductive to the growth of our sociaty but an odious detriment to America. If a president is elected we must stand behind them, and support them. It doesn't mater if they are a republican or democrat. What matters is that for the next four years we must allow our democracy to prevail, because if we don't, we will continue to be this deadlocked menace to our own well being. Do you agree, irrelevant now. All that you can do is vote and try to promote your goals next time around.
    Obama will make mistakes. And the human race will do the same. It's a question of weather we work together to keep ourselves in balance or play tug of war with our country until there's not longer a country to fight over.

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