Is Obama more trustworthy on gun laws than the GOP?

  • Congress is a group of fighters.

    He has been trying very hard to encourage congress to have stricter background checks and outlaw assault rifles. GOP congress men have been fighting Obama hard on it, and if they hadn't been fighting everything Obama brings up all these years, he would probably have been one of the best presidents of the history of the US.

  • Rational policies lead to trust.

    Yes, because the GOP has supported irrational and dangerous polices that cater to the lowest common denominator. Additionally, the GOP receives significant funding from the National Rifle Association, thus often votes against important gun control law, to continue receiving said funding. Obama is more trustworthy because he has taken a stance that promotes safety and accountability over special interests.

  • Yes, because money talks

    The President is absolutely more trustworthy on gun laws, than the Republican Party. There was information published recently, as to which politicians received contributions from the National Rifle Association. The vast majority of those indivdiuals (if not all of them) were members of the Replubican Party. Obama was not on the list at all, so there is nothing preventing him from giving an honest view (not influenced by campaign funds) when it comes to gun laws.

  • Yes, because he has no reason to lie.

    America has 15% of the world's population and 50% of the civilian-owned guns. If civilian-owned guns made us safer, we would be the safest civilians on earth. We are the opposite. We have a risk of being the victim of gun violence that is THIRTY TIMES greater than other western nations such as France, Britain and the like. What part of the obvious "more guns means more gun violence" do the NRA-types not understand? And the "we need guns to fight the dictator" argument? Seriously?? First, are you seriously thinking you can defeat the US military were they actually following a dictator's wishes? Second, in more than 200 years of US history, nothing like that has ever even come close to happening in this country. But what is real is that every year in this country 30,000 Americans are killed with guns. That's like having a 9/11 casualty toll almost every month. Our children, brothers, sisters and friends are being killed every day. Not taking steps to solve a problem like THAT because you are afraid of something that has never happened in 200 years is... Frankly... Insanity. We have tried the "guns make us safer" experiment. It has failed. It's time for rational people to look for other answers.

  • He's a Democrat, of course not

    People on the left fear guns. They play the tune of let people make their own choices, but when it comes to guns, they turn to their favorite game of being a hypocrite. If people are responsible with their semiautomatic weapons, then they shouldn't be the ones who get their guns taken away. Liberals are just brain dead when it comes to this issue, and Obama isn't an exception and too biased that he'll sign anything that comes to his desk that has to do with restrictions.

  • No because actions speak louder than words and money.

    President Obama have done nothing useful and only slowly turning this country into Socialism instead of Democracy.

    Federal Services now cornerning ammunition market and buying out all ammunution that is even outlawed in the war zones.

    He is highly and vehemently against marijuana while have admitted smoking it while being university student.

    He constantly subverts and usurps basic sonstitutional rights such as 2nd and 4th amendments.

    He created laws that allow for Arrest of US sitizens without any probable cause of warrant by simply attaching "Terrorist" as label, waiving away any grounds of due process and have anyone locked up indifinietly and if he wishes, he can throw away the keys so you will be forgotten.

  • No, he just has a different position.

    I don't think that there is any reason to suggest that President Obama is more trustworthy when it comes to gun laws. I think that he wants many more gun regulations, while the GOP feels very differently. I don't think this makes me easier to trust on the issue in any way.

  • Pardon the language but hell no

    Obozo has already stated multiple times that he is against guns in America. in his SOU address, in his acceptance speech and in his campaign. He is obscenely biased towards getting rid of "weapons of war" (which they're not) off the streets. He is clueless when it comes to any laws that save lives

  • No way because it violates our constitutional rights.

    The democratic party has next to nothing but lies on the gun debate. They have classified certain types of weapons as "assault weapons" even though it isn't a legitimate category. The whole goal of the Second Amendment is to defend ourselves from a possible tyrannical government. If the dictator's forces have 30 rounds of 5.56, why should we be left with 7 .22s?

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