• Muslims can lie

    He lies on a regular basis to prove his standing, even stating at times he is a Christian. Why did he finance the Muslim Brotherhood then cease when they were ousted, Why is he striving to bring U S A down financially 10 trillion in 8 years whow ! Eek!

  • Indeed he is.

    He stated that he would over everything protect them, and there is no being that isn't completly merciless that would abandon its own family for the sake of someone who want to destroy it. Thus stateing that either he is a muslim or he is a merciless tirant and both ain't good. For sorcerer's reader his book.

  • No, because Muslims hate him

    Egypt, Somalia, Syria, Pakistan, Egypt again, if Obama was actually a muslim then people in these countries would love him and not mind him blowing their countries up to kingdom come. This is not the case though, in reality Muslims hate Obama.

    Meanwhile in America, numerous hate groups also hate Obama, such as the KKK, the Neo-Nazis, the Tea Party, they all hate him. And what do both Muslims and the KKK + the Neo-Nazis hate?


    Therefore Obama must secretly be a Jew.

  • He is a Christian

    The only reason why people feel this way is that to them he has a funny sounding name.
    To these people they hate him no matter what and will think the worst
    And also because he does not show his religion on his shirt sleeve
    if he went to church every sunday they would think differently.
    Very sad state of affairs on this issue.

  • Evidence says no.

    From what we've seen from president obama's daily life. He doesn't practice any muslim practices, and has not said that Mohammed is the true prophet of god. Doesn't matter if muslims hate him. 1. Thats a generalization. 2. Shiites and Sunni hate each other! Saying that Obama isn't a Muslim because Muslims hate him doesn't work because muslims hate the other group

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