• The worst economic President by a wide margin

    Doubled the national debt within one year. Now has added more to it than all his predecessors combined. Continues to artificially prop up the stock market. "Doubled down" the projected annual deficit with health care spend. And now, in 2014, subprime is back in the economic lexicon. "Growth" has been redifened continually with add backs and some items, such as 'under-employment' disregarded. 2011 was the first year that we spent more as a country on tort litigation (which this administration won't touch) than research and development. US economy won't ultimately recover without a restructuring; simply impossible. This was not the case before he ascended. Economically, he is the worst US President by a wide margin; he has no peer.

  • He has no honor.

    I'm a veteran. I served in the army for four years my husband served in the airforce for 26 years and since obama has been in office our benefits have been cut along with my husbands retirement check. Obama claims lincoln is one of his idols well lincoln started the va stating we should serve those who served us. But hey looks like good old obama forgot all about that.

  • Why can congress do nothing! He should have been impeached long ago!

    Can't CONGRESS see that he is a puppet for a Muslim group behind him pulling the strings. The ONLY thing he can do is "campaign" ! He-they are hell bent on destroying the USA, even these thousands of children being dumped here NOW is part of the plan knowing Americans will not turn their backs on children! Draw AMERICA'S MONEY out in NEVER ENDING WARS - Keep infiltrating TERRORIST within the USA - keep training them in the 36 camps spread over the USA with NOTHING BEING DONE ABOUT THEM.. MY GOD! WAKE UP AMERICA, CAN'T YOU SEE WE ARE GOING DOW FAST!!!!

  • Why can congress do nothing! He should have been impeached long ago!

    Can't CONGRESS see that he is a puppet for a Muslim group behind him pulling the strings. The ONLY thing he can do is "campaign" ! He-they are hell bent on destroying the USA, even these thousands of children being dumped here NOW is part of the plan knowing Americans will not turn their backs on children! Draw AMERICA'S MONEY out in NEVER ENDING WARS - Keep infiltrating TERRORIST within the USA - keep training them in the 36 camps spread over the USA with NOTHING BEING DONE ABOUT THEM.. MY GOD! WAKE UP AMERICA, CAN'T YOU SEE WE ARE GOING DOW FAST!!!!

  • The absolute worst president in my lifetime!

    I saw this guy coming in 2007. I am baffled that so many people were gullible enough to give him his first four years...And then another four?! The economy is completely trashed, he consistently ignores the constitution, ruling outside his authority like some third-world dictator...Obamacare, Benghazi,using the IRS to exact punishment on people who disagree with his ideology...The list of lies he told for three years to goad the thoughtless and stupid into supporting a take love of 1/6th of the economy...I believe his presence in the whit house is a judgement on the character of the country. It's what we deserve for not guarding our freedoms, and wallowing in moral depravity.

  • Yes he is one of the worst presidents,

    His foreign policies are horrible. Case in point is his mishandling of the situation in the Ukraine. He exhibits a very weak stance and isn't willing to show Putin that the U.S. is willing to take a hard stance in order to stop the President of Russia in his tracks. I'm sure China, North Korea, and Iran are observing intently.

  • Liar liar liar

    He just lies. Obama is a nice guy and all, but new scandals are popping up just about every week. About half the country wants him impeached. In one term, he has accumulated more national debt than all the past presidents have COMBINED (and yes, that includes Bush). Plus, his economy is horrible. I'm not saying he is the worst, I just think he may end up among the worst.

  • Name one accomplishment for peace and liberty...

    I cannot name think of one thing that Obama has done or even proposed that would further peace or liberty. Rather than promoting prosperity for all he has promoted increased taxes and spending for a few and has added tens-of-thousands of pages to the Code of Federal Regulations, further strangling America's economic freedom.

  • Yes, he has taken us down the socialist path.

    Yes, Obama is one of the worst US presidents, because he has done very little for the long-term advancement of society. Obama has implemented things that are socialist. He has campaigned against the banks that he sued several years ago in order to increase lending. Obama has taken us back years in race relations, because he is not a uniting figure.

  • A Scary Radical Dictator

    I gave him a chance the first term and tried to keep an open mind. And though I've been concerned about previous Presidents decision makings, I've never had one that made be afraid at them being in charge. This one makes me VERY afraid. Obamacare is in itself scary and to force something onto someone that they don't want and can't afford is downright wrong. It's also AMAZING the amount of lies this guy tells!!! Enough is enough!!!! It's way past time they Impeach him and who knows how many years it will take his predecessors to clean up the mess he has made.

  • No he isnt

    I'd say Obama is a good president. He has been helping the economy a lot, especially detroit and the auto industry. Bush on the other hand was probly the worst president. He put the U.S into this whole economical mess. Hover and Nixon where also some of the worst U.S presidents.

  • Worst? No, there have been worse.

    If you think Obama's the worst president you don't know your history.

    - John Tyler stalwartly defended slavery and entirely abandoned his party's platform

    - Richard Nixon... This one's debatable but I think Obama's better.

    - Zachary Taylor accomplished very little.

    - Warren G. Harding Stole from the US treasury and spent his presidency playing poker.

    - James Buchanan was just really into slavery.

    Again debatable but George Bush was really bad. Some of the things he said (is our children learning, more and more of our imports are coming from overseas) are just embarrassing to the great country of America.

    Obama may not have done a lot but he is not the worst president!

  • Not at all

    People always say that the current President is the worst President while others always say that the current President is the best President. Obama hasn't been a bad President, hes' just had bad circumstances. An uncooperative congress, a horrible predecessor, the rise of the extreme right, and countless others. Despite all this, he's still managed to do some great things. The Stimulus, Health Care reform, Wall Street reform, boost job creation, and overall revived the economy.
    I wouldn't say Obama is the worst but i wouldn't say he is the best. He's done what he can with what he has and i think he's done a damn good job.

    Posted by: WSB
  • No, he is actually a good commander in chief

    Obama thinks about the people and saved thousands of lives the day he killed osama bin laden. It's hard to be a good president when the entire house is against you. Every thing he has done and every plan and bill he has come up with, has been shot down by those control freaks in the White House. People just want him to be a bad president because he is black. If people think it is so easy being president of the United States then they should try it and see what it feels like. All the house does is try and come up with ways to sabotage his presidency. Honestly we have one of the worst cabinet, house and congress in the united states. The presidency is bigger than just one person,,,,,duh!.

  • Faced unprecedented partisanism

    I would put him up with the best ones, not the worst ones. What I would say though, is that he has faced the thoughtest conditions of all the presidents. Not only did he encounter difficult economic conditions, created in part by his antecessors, but he had to struggle with an opposition blocking his every move. He wasn't able to do all that he wanted because of unpatriotic congressmen willing to sink the ship just because he was in it. This is not even debatable... Who else had to face the worst enemies of the country sitting on the congress itself?

  • Ther are worser!

    Although Barack is not best president he is not our worst. If you look in history you can see other presidents mistakes that led this country to tragedy. Can I remind you of the depressions this country face because of those presidents mistakes. So to answer your question Barack is not our worse President but again it is just my opinion.

  • Are You Kidding?

    George W. Bush outed an important CIA operative, started a war on false pretences, fired federal prosecutors and drove up the deficit to extremes.

    Ronald Reagan traded arms with Iran, ran up a deficit and eviscerated the middle class. This was the man who called socialised medicine the end of freedom.

    Warren G. Harding looted the Treasury and won election because he was a tall, imposing man (Outliers), not because he was smart.

    And people still think he's one of the worst presidents? Are you serious?

  • The Economy is expanding, unemployment is trending downward--even while many in Congress refuse to work with the President!

    President Obama's policies have helped to expand the American economy and reduce unemployment. The country is far better off than where it was five years ago--even while many of our allies abroad continue to suffer pronounced unemployment! 7.6% unemployment nationally is far better than the whopping 10% high in October of 2009; and far better than the 12% unemployment rate currently effecting the eurozone.

    The Wars in Afghanistan and in Iraq have finally concluded, and President Obama gave the order that took Osama Bin Laden out of this world. The President has also played a hand in defeating the despotic regime of Moamar Gadhafi.

    Despite all the negative prognostications over the last five years, America's place in the world is looking far better with the passage of time, even while a Republican-led House refuses to dance with the President and work with him on such issues as sequestration, expanded background checks on gun purchases, and increasing tax revenue. Hopefully this attitude changes on immigration reform.

    Despite all the obstacles, President Obama is doing a remarkable job!

  • Gotta love how partisan this is.

    Obama has completed a number of goals that will arguably be very beneficial to the general welfare of the nation. He has done this despite having the most heated and partisan congress in recent history (evidence by the record number of filibusters) while utilizing the executive order fewer than most presidents (at 4 1/2 years in, he is currently at about 150).

    Most of the "scandals" are complete non-issues (like the warranted wiretaps on the AP as part of an investigation) or not related to him (IRS, while still being lead by a Bush appointee, targeting extremist groups on both sides based on key words, such as tea party, patriot, occupy and progressive).

    Right now, we are currently running on 40 straight months of private sector job growth, including 2.36 million private sector jobs in the last 12 months (source: BLS) After being handed the worst economic collapse in near a century (and in the middle of the collapse for that matter, FDR was given the collapse 3 years later), he has done very well to restore our nation's economy.

  • He Has Done The Best With What He Had To Work With

    Every President enters the office, under different circumstances. There can be comparisons, from one administration to the next, but that's not an indication that a President is good or bad. So, how do we measure their success? I think we have to look at what their leadership brings & accomplishes. Then, we must factor in the conditions they governed under.

    Obama entered office, with unemployment soaring & Wall Street crumbling. In 2008, I wondered why anyone would want the job. It was clear, in 2007, that we were heading toward a recession.

    When Obama took office ... The U.S. Was heavily involved in 2 wars. Today, we are only engaged in 1 and our role there is steadily diminishing. That's an accomplishment. On the home-front, the stock market had collapsed (its worst tumble since 1929). Bailouts were be given to prop-up companies & try to stabilize the situation (approx. $605B). Today, about $481.6B has been returned or repaid. That too is an accomplishment. On January 20, 2009, the stock market had its lowest day since the election (Nov. '08). Some quarter loses were as much as 30%. Others hovering around 20%. It was pretty dismal. The Dow closed at 7949.09. Yesterday, July 3, 2013, the Dow closed at 14,932.41. Under Obama, the stock market has been taken off life-support & we are seeing the best numbers that we've seen in years. Another accomplishment.

    The unemployment rate was setting at 7.6%. There were over 11M unemployed persons. Economists are predicting that the unemployment numbers expected for release on 7-5-13 will show the unemployment rate to fall below its current (7.6%). When you remember that the national unemployment rate peaked at 10%, in October of 2009, that too is an accomplishment.

    Have there been set-backs? Yes. Have there been disappointments? Yes. Benghazi is an example most opponents of Obama like to mention. But by comparison, when Reagan was President, we lost over 200 sailors & marines at the bombing of our Marine Barracks in Beirut. Under George W. Bush, America suffered the worst terrorist attack on U.S. Soil -- losing thousands on 9/11. When Clinton was President ('98), we suffered simultaneous bombings to 4 U.S. Embassies abroad -- killing over 200 & wounding approx. 5,000. Benghazi, unfortunate as it was, pales in comparison to these. For the most part, Obama has managed to keep the U.S. And its foreign offices safer than his predecessors. Another accomplishment.

    Last, but certainly not least, when history reflects upon Obama's leadership & administration ... It will also note the stagnate actions of our current Congress. The 111th was the hardest working Congress, to serve in 40 years. Unfortunately, it was followed by the 112th -- a group that has failed to deliver on numerous levels. The inability of the 112th to get things done would be a hardship for any president. From an attempt to default the nation to dragging their feet on Hurricane Sandy Relief, that is how history will also remember them.

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