Is Obama right to grant young illegal immigrants work permits?

  • Yes, young illegal immigrants should be granted work permits

    The granting of work permits to illegal immigrants would be a beneficial thing in our society. Immigrants with work permits are documented, there is a way that society can keep track of their numbers and know where they live. I don't approve of this for any punitive reason, but simply where there is documentation there is order. Giving illegal immigrants papers that allow them to work openly in the US would also diminish the "illegal alien" identification and allow them to more openly move through our society without false identification papers. I think it would decrease crime if they were allowed to be here openly.

  • More Workers Means More Income Taxes

    The federal government relies heavily on income tax dollars to operate. Granting more immigrants work permits will increase the U.S. Treasury's coffers. If ordinary Americans aren't willing to work minimum wage jobs after the recession, then perhaps immigrants with permits will step up and fill the void. Allowing quasi-amnesty may even encourage more Americans to get back to work instead of relying on unemployment benefits to get by. It's time for Americans to get back to work.

  • No I think Obama is right to do this

    If we have to play by a certain set of rules as Americans, why are illegals given a pass to play by different ones? It isn't right, either the rules apply to everybody or nobody at all. This is the problem with America, selective enforcing. And people wonder why we don't respect the law? It's because it isn't consistently applied. So no I don't think Obama is right to give young illegals work permits, because we are held to a different standard than them.

  • Not fair to American workers

    No, Obama is not right to grant young illegal immigrants work permits. By doing so, it is effectively taking jobs away from legal American citizens who may be trying to find work and therefore maintaining our unemployment rate. They should have to become American citizens before being able to have access to our jobs and income especially with the country's economy in the state that it is in currently.

  • Obama does not have the right to unilaterally circumvent US law

    No matter what one thinks of Obama's decision to grant illegal immigrants work permits, by unilaterally declaring it without taking the proper route through the House and Senate, he is violating the principle of law in the United States. Laws are supposed to be written, amended, or discarded by the legislative branch and then approved and executed by the executive branch. When Obama unilaterally decides to circumvent the law with what is effectively an executive amnesty, he is violating democratic foundations and institutions of the country.

  • What does this act say to those who "LEGALLY" went through the process of entering the USA?

    This is a slap in the face on the multi-million "legal immigrants" and please stop calling those illegal aliens immigrants. Legal immigrants went through the legal process of entering the USA, waiting 7 or more years just to legally come here. Paying taxes, being a model citizen, waiting another minimum of 5 years to file for citizenship.

    No, jobs in the USA are only for legal citizens. The illegal aliens should not even be here to begin with, so no need to track any of them through documentation.

    Most countries would have deported them automatically. That's one law we should try to pass.

  • They are taking jobs away from Americans.

    There are plenty of Americans looking for work, albeit minimum wage and part-time, and are unsuccessful. By expanding the pool of eligible applicants, Obama's policy benefits people of other countries, rather than people of this country. Fix your own before you fix others. Citizens and legal residents come first!

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