Is Obama' s drone policy necessary to keep the U.S. safe?

  • More than meets the eye.

    I believe that people assume to know everything. Everyday Obama knows information that we do not know. We as the people elected him to protect our freedom. If Obama is choosing to use drones to protect us, I believe that he is doing his job to protect the people of US. I think people need to stop assuming that Obama is just blood hungry and is making a decision based on numerous factor. There are things that the people cannot see and this is why we are not in elected officials.

  • Yes, his drone policy is absolutely necessary to keep the U.S. Safe.

    Obama's Drone Policy keeps America safe without having to send manpower overseas, but rather unmanned drone aircrafts to not only survey situations and warzones, but act accordingly. Drone strikes are extremely effective, and prove to keep our enemies from retaliating, while at the same time keeping our U.S. soldiers from being killed.

  • Spies in the skies

    Those who sacrifice essential liberties for temporary securities deserve neither liberty or security -Ben
    Keep weapons of war out of our skies. Why do we need assault drones that can shoot a lot of highly explosive missiles to keep our homeland safe? Use a bi-plain and shoot 20 bullets at the road if you think you we are not secure. You don't need twenty missiles.....

  • No.

    Especially not with the CIA at the helm of ordering killstrikes. American citizens are not foreign aggressors. Even Benedict Arnold and John Brown had trials before death. Obama thinks he can bully America, and he's gonna be smacked down soon enough for it. The man is committing High Treason. This is unacceptable.

  • Defenetly no

    Obama's drone policy is absolutely not necessary to keep American safe. There are plenty and I mean plenty of other options to keep Americans safe. Our Intelligent technology is one of the best in the world. There is no reason for a dangerous drone to be used in the U.S. The drones should be kept outside of the United States.

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