• Yes, Obama is worthy of left wing support

    In Europe he is a centrist and pure 3rd party material. In America he the closest to left wing that is going to be remotely popular. I think that he deserves left wing support in the way that Tony Blair labour need left wing support - its the closest you're going to get whilst still remaining even remotely close to your ideals. I agree almost entirely with the Green Party UK, and up until now (10%!) if i voted i would vote labour as they have a good chance of winning and are still left enough to satisfy.

  • Obama is totally worthy of left-wing support

    Obama is a centrist that leans left. He believes in and practices Keynesian economics, which is very left wing (spending money you don't have). Extending powers to the private central bank (the Federal Reserve)? Can anyone say Karl Marx? Those two characteristics form the foundation of the left-wing. Everything else follows....

  • Yes, but with reservations.

    President Obama has done some good things, such as getting everyone a possibility of affordable health care. On other fronts, however, he has let some of his supporters down. He does not have the political savvy or personality to get some things done. He is still a politician and his supporters expected him to be different from that. But as things go, he is worthy of left wing support.

  • Mid-term Elections Approaching

    Mid-term elections are approaching in November 2014, and President Obama still needs support of left-wing liberals to put common sense Democrats into House seats. Although unlikely, Democrats need to take back the House so we can get more stuff done in the final two terms of Obama's presidency. Unfortunately, the Affordable Care Act will make voters mad and more Republicans will be elected this November.

  • Obama is worthy of left wing support.

    President Obama has not been the President we assumed he would be but he still has played more to the left wing side of the aisle than the right wing side. Because of this, and his ability and potential, I believe that he still is worthy of left wing support.

  • Obama is still worthy of left-wing support.

    Obama is doing his best despite having little support from congress. He is still the leader of the Democratic party, and he is the country's best hope for liberalism. He has dealt with a number of difficult issues in a well thought-out way, and he is generally a good president.

  • Obama has proven himself more than ever

    I recommend a visit to the website called "What the heck has Obama done so far? He has upheld ideals of equality for all Americans and most definitely is still worthy of left-wing support. He has remained honorable and hard working and in the 2012 election he proved himself with his support during Hurricane Sandy.

  • He is a true democrat with deep convictions and worthy of left-wing backing.

    Barack Obama holds the fundamentals of a true democrat. He is adored by most members of his party and has done in four years what I believe no other president could have done with what he was given to work with. Now he is faced with a huge tax overhaul and has the chance to make a great impact in America. His worthiness will be solidified when he avoids a fiscal cliff and changes life for most Americans. I believe his legacy will never be forgotten.

  • Yes. He is not perfect but the best we can get right now.

    Although I am personally to the left of President Obama, particularly on defense issues and on general thoughts about capitalism, he is supportive of a great number of liberal ideas, including immigration reform, equal rights for gays, and more equitable distribution of tax burdens in society. He can lay the groundwork for better reforms in the future, as he did with the health insurance law.

  • An (almost) Complete Betrayal

    The Affordable Care Act is a remarkable accomplishment worthy of incredible praise. Our president unfortunately fails in virtually every other respect.

    Wars, drone strikes, NSA, prosecution of whistleblowers, deportation, Guantanamo Bay …

    The most troubling aspect of his presidency is not that he can’t get things done, but actually promotes, pursues and advocates the worst of Bush. Things for which Bush was criticized mercilessly are now excused and supported by so many “left” commentators who offer blind allegiance for the man or the party “brand” ignoring the complete betrayal of his promises, supporters or even a moderately left position.

  • Obama is totally worthy of left-wing support

    Obama is a centrist that leans left. He believes in and practices Keynesian economics, which is very left wing (spending money you don't have). Extending powers to the private central bank (the Federal Reserve)? Can anyone say Karl Marx? Those two characteristics form the foundation of the left-wing. Everything else follows....

  • Obama Lost It

    Being a fairly liberal person myself, I can no longer support Obama. I think there are a lot of things wrong with our government(s) and they way they function both on a federal level and a state/local level and we need to fix these problems. Zero of the policies implemented by Obama have helped me or my situation. The guise to return to school and seek out post-secondary education left me with high credit card debt and no diploma. I was passed over on the high tax credits for purchasing a house, because I had already purchased on. I didn't receive any incentives for getting rid of an old gas guzzling car, but when I needed to find an affordable vehicle, there were none to be found. Obama didn't exactly start off with a good situation, but I feel like overall, we've went from bad to worse.

  • Obama is not worthy of left-wing support

    Obama is not still worthy of left-wing support. This is because of the fact that Obama has pursued actions that are of right-wing beliefs. He has done this repeatedly, and besides a health reform, his campaign has mostly pushed right-wing ideas and pushed back left-wing ideas. War is very right-wing.

  • Obama is not Left

    The american president never was, as conservatives called him 'far-left'. The 'obamacare' is something granted in other democratic states, never ideologically contested. To implement such a system is not radical at all. Obama might be slightly more left than your regular american politician, but, as far as i'm concerned, he is definitevly a centrist. The american political system dazzles me, with only two, very distinctive, parties. Completely bipolarized, with no other colours. Lest-wing americans should be able to vote in socialist, green or communist parties, not in only 2. The same should happen with moderate right-wing supporters, and tea-party supporters. In addition to this argument, Obama dind't closed Guantanamo, continues with relentless drone attacks and spied on allmost half of Europe and it's leaders, futhermore to it's own citizens.. In sum, Obama shouldn't have left-wing supporters, due to his centrist stance, and foreign policy. (do excuse me poor english)

  • Not left wing in the global sense.

    Obama is not left wing, Obamacare is centrist, increasing military spending at a slow rate is more right wing, lack of any consideration that the USA has the largest incarcerated population on earth is to the right. While the more recent tax increases on the rich are left wing, left wing requires societal activity to keep a level of services. Additionally not repealing homeland security, Patriot Act, or closing Guantanamo are all to the right wing. Continuing distracting versus popular vote for presidential elections is also right wing.

    That said, that is from the Canadian perspective. From the American perspective if Obama rose all levels of income tax by 3%, I'm pretty sure there would have been protesters saying he was turning the country into a communist state. If he nationalized healthcare about the same result.

    Cutting the military, removing the Patriot Act, homeland security, working on reform justice, cutting criminal sentencing and closing Guantanamo Bay would be next to treason in the eyes of the Tea Party. That combined with electoral reform for presidential elections would almost certainly stir the pot on people thinking that he was going to steal democracy.

    That said the USA is not a left wing nation. Many Americans still want a large military, harsh crime sentencing, and many of the anti-terrorism provisions. Hard to say on electoral reform but heavy partisanship would almost certainly have Republicans feeling cheated.

    Summary: Obama is center - center right. A good idea may be to try and create a kingmaker left wing party to counteract the Tea Party. That said I wish Obama the best of luck for his second term.

  • No Obama is not worthy of left-wing support

    Nor do I think he's deserving of right wing support. I don't think he deserves any support period! He is putting the final nails into the coffin of a long since dying country with his healthcare "reform". No one in their right mind should be supporting him, and in a year or so when all the changes he made go into effect fully, I don't think those that are now will still be doing so. So no I don't think Obama is worthy of left wing support, or right wing for that matter.

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