• I think he is taking it seriously, but is frustrated by the lack of progress with the Senate and House.

    I think Obama is taking this very seriously, which is why he keeps making speeches and traveling around the country. He wants the citizens know that he is very committed to this getting resolved, but he is finding it difficult to deal with some of the stubborn people in Congress. They are the ones stalling and making it a partisan issue rather than an economic issue.

  • Yes. His opponents refuse to consider increasing revenue.

    A serious attempt to balance the budget nationally means both increasing revenue and decreasing spending. The only people who claim that Obama is not being serious are those who have taken revenues off the table. This is akin to someone who is attempting to balance a household budget without considering asking for a raise or taking a second job.

  • No, he is not

    He goes on a golf trip with tiger woods for a couple days, then comes back and says we need to get serious, stop messing around, and get a deal done. Seriously, that what really gets me mad about washington, they get almost half the year off and get paid their salerys for the rest of their life but we will cut the military and education.

  • Nope, just taking the finger pointing seriously

    He is not taking the problem or the solutions seriously. He is however taking politics as usual very seriously. He is taking seriously going into campaign mode blaming others without even trying to work with the other side or proposing 1 specific spending cut. He is taking seriously the fact that most Americans don't follow politics close enough to know the difference between what is true and false. But the sequester, nah, he is just taking the scare tactics seriously.

  • He is not trying to prevent it at all.

    If the President wanted to show that he was taking the sequester seriously, he would be doing absolutely everything in his power to make sure that it doesn't happen. Instead, it seems like he's sitting back on his heels and is going to let the massive cuts happen to our nation.

  • No, Obama is playing a game with sequestration.

    The President is just playing politics with the current sequestration crisis. He does not really want to cut spending. He wants to raise taxes so spending can continue. He does not understand that cuts need to be made in order to reduce the deficit. The national debt has increased badly since he became President.

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