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  • You just don't get it, do you?

    Antichrist has a number. It is printed in his forehead. 666 is EVIL. What it means is that he is using the third eye. He has a vision. He wants to take over the world. Antichrist = Son of Satan = Son of Saturn = Sons of Anarchy, Hells Angels, Bandidos and other MC Gangsters the like them. It doesn't matter what religion he comes from. If you are a member of a gang then you are supporting the Antichist!

  • Obama is anti-colonialism, this count him out... For now.

    First of all, it's completely not true that he will have to believe in Jesus Christ. In fact, its about the opposite he rejects the God of his fathers and commits blasphemy. The anti-christ self-worships and spreads that worship. He organizes many nations(Obama isn't doing that). Unifies them under his heretical proposed godliness. Christians should be able to recognize him but others won't and most likely the Jews will believe in him as their Messiah of prophecy... None of that stuff fits Obama. Operates as an anti-christ but has a long way to go to be the one from revelations.

  • Obama isn't influencing the world.

    The anti-Christ is supposed to have a broad appeal over the entire world, and shape that world. Obama isn't any more influential in the global setting than other presidents. He doesn't seem to be moving in that direction so I would not be willing to declare him the anti Christ.

  • No, Obama is not the anti-christ.

    First, in order to believe Obama is the anti-christ you must believe in Jesus-Christ himself. For the majority of the world, this will be an issue in itself. Next, you would have to believe that President Obama is not out to mess up the country, but to mess up the whole world. You would have to believe he is the symbol for the end times. This is just preposterous.

  • There is no Biblical evidence of Obama being the anti-Christ

    I do not believe that Obama is the anti-Christ. There have been numerous former Presidents, including George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan, who have been cited as the anti-Christ and I believe this is a continuation of that tradition. Mr. Obama cannot be labeled as an anti-Christ figure just because someone may not agree with his policies. Furthermore there is no evidence from the Bible of Obama being a figure of the anti-Christ.

  • No, an Anti-Cchrist, but not THE Antichrist

    While things are progressively getting worse, and it feels as if the end times are upon us, it will get much much more worse and it will have to be brought upon us by a more elegant and clever man than Barrack. I believe the Antichrist will appear soon, but I don't think he has taken the stage yet...

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