Is Obama the main problem (yes) or is it the government (no)?

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  • The Government Is The Problem.

    There should not be sides in politics as in Republicans and Democrats. These parties are root of our country's problems. Hardly anything gets resolved because one side says no and other side says yes. If politicians truly cared about its citizens this Debate blog wouldn't need to exist. We need peace, resolvement and involvement to become a nation that actually cares about our planet and economy and takes care of the sick and elderly for free and paid for by the government is what is needed. Overall, politicians need to put aside their own political agendas and focus on what's best for our country in hindsight.

  • The government is the main problem.

    No, the government is the main problem because the whole government is dysfunctional. The two sides completely disagree, and can't agree on anything. Obama is part of this divide, but the whole government is really the problem. I think what we need is a moderate, third party to break up the logjam in Washington.

  • No, Obama is only part of the problem

    Obama is only part of a much bigger problem. Congress, the Senate and the Supreme Court as well as countless officials all make up the government and to say that all the problems are from one person (even if that person is the President) seems ludicrous. The government is run through a set of checks and balances to ensure that no entity has complete power. Obama is certainly part of the problem, but not the main part.

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