• Yes, he certainly is.

    You've got to hand it to the guy. He did warn us. He said that he would fundamentally change America and he has. He's done just about anything anyone can do to remove our national security, sovereignty, and self-reliance. He's been very busy removing freedoms that are designed to transform America from a Christian nation into a Muslim nation.

  • Obama valiantly leads the country into historical failure

    Obama will forever be remembered in history, therefore, by definition, he is an extremely consequential president. He encouraged the financial bailouts of corrupt and irresponsible companies, he pushed for the degradation of American morals (such as the legalization of gay marriage), and now he currently is trying to disarm the American people.

  • President Obama is the best president this country has seen.

    President Obama's second-term was a groundbreaking period for United States History. His actions on issues, ranging from gay marriage to gun violence, can not be denied. He has done a lot and his legacy will be a part of what makes this country great. If only he could have another term.

  • Obama has brough siginificant improvements

    Obama can be said to be the most consequential second term president since FDR. He has made many improvements to the country such as the Affordable Care act, made thawed relations with Cuba and has ended the embargo. He has also improved the top tax bracket and made it fair. Most importantly, he Bin Laden was killed under his presidency.

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