• Obama is evil

    Obama care. There isn't much more to say other than the fact that he is probably a socialist. Obama is a muslim who is either trying to convert us to communism or the close cousin, socialism. He has muredered millions in his FEMA camps. Uncle Joe was a victim of this.

  • Hussein Maobama is the next Adolf Hitler.

    Maobama is the worst president in all of history... He has systemically exterminated MILLIONS of Americans in his FEMA death camps in order to turn them into Soylent Green. Uncle Joe was the victim of one such abductions. He was kidnapped in them middle of the night by the blueshirts, and taken to a remote location and processed into food.

  • No, President Obama is not the next Stalin, or even remotely close!

    The people who ask, "Is Obama the next Stalin?," are deluding themselves by trying to make the President out to be something he is not, a Socialist. It's funny how they will distort the facts to support their claims. Take for instance the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) which infused $475 billion in the troubled US banking industry, including the banking arms of General Motors and Chrysler Motor Company.

    The people calling President Obama a socialist point to this as the prime example of his socialist programs. Here are the real facts the TARP was passed by Congress and signed into law by President George W. Bush on October 3, 2008. In case anyone has forgotten that's the Republican President Bush!

    President Obama is making the hard decisions the administrations for the past 40 years have kicked down the road; health care, balancing the budget and immigration to name just a few.

  • Obama is not the next Stalin

    Making claims of Obama being the next Stalin based solely on circumstantial socialist policies is pure ridiculousness. Stalin's policies of socialism is one far different from the policies that Obama is proposing. Many opponents would have you believe that Obama is similar to Stalin due to social reforms, however unlike Stalin, Obama's reforms still require congressional approval and a set of checks and balances are needed to even pass one of his policies.

  • Obama is not the next Stalin

    Since the United States is a Democratic Republic, changing the entire country's policies to be socialistic is next to impossible. Each of Obama's policies have to be accepted by the House and the Senate. In terms of Obama's policies specifically, FDR also proposed many socialistic policies, which helped us get out of the Great Depression, but that doesn't mean he was the next Stalin, either. Comparing Obama to Stalin is not a valid argument.

  • Is this serious?

    Joseph Stalin shares almost NO political views with Barack Obama. Saying that Obama is his successor purely based on the fact that Obama has proposed Socialist views to the USA is simply idiotic. And just so you are aware, Obama, if ANYTHING would be a social democrat, and Stalin hated any kind of Social Democracy, or Revisionism.

  • Not a chance

    This is ridiculous. Obama has been a President who is slightly to the left of center. He kept in neoconservative policies, such as the Bush tax cuts. He came up with a health system that holds health insurance companies accountable, but makes sure they keep making money. There's a massive difference between Obama's mixed capitalist-socialist policies and Stalin's communism.

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