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  • He wouldn't have to do anything with it.

    He would not have anything to do with it because it would have to do with the manager of the place. I think that they need to lower their prices for gas, I mean they still get customers but they still need to lower the prices of their gas and deasiel.

  • Obama has had no influence on gas prices

    Obama has not even had the opportunity to effect gas prices. His policies have not concerned gas prices at all. Gas prices are monopolized and dictated by rich men who have an insane amount of influence. Gas prices fluctuate because of profit, not because of our president. If anything, Obama wants to lower gas prices.

  • It's not under his control.

    The US president actually has a pretty limited degree of control over the economy. He usually gets credit for economic success and blame for economic failure beyond his actual ability to influence policy. High gas prices are caused by a combination of international pressure, oil company greed, and other factors that have nothing to do with Obama.

  • Definitely not.

    We cannot blame gas prices on one person. People tend to point fingers at one person when most issues are not controlled by that individual. This issue in particular has a lost to do with tensions with Iran, conflict in Syria and increased demand from China. This is very typical as Presidents tend to get blamed for world market changes during their time in office.

  • There are a number of extenuating circumstances that are more to blame for high gas prices than President Obama

    President Obama should not be the primary culprit for high gas prices. Manipulation by OPEC, unrest in the Middle East and a major increase in the demand for gasoline in emerging countries like China are much more logical reasons for the high gas prices over the past few years. Until the United States is not as heavily dependent on foreign oil, the country will not have as much direct influence over gas prices.

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