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  • No, Obama does not have international jurisdiction over what occurs in Mali.

    No I do not believe that Obama is to be blamed for the unrest in Mali. Obama does not have international jurisdiction over what occurs in Mali, and Obama's primary concern should be what is going on currently in the United States and only that of the affairs of this country.

  • No, how is that possible?

    There is unrest all over the world, due to various human right atrocities, religious issues, and governmental power struggles. This unrest has nothing to do with President Obama. Yes, he has his hand in some of the foreign policy, but to blame him for everything that is going on in the world is just crazy.

  • No, absolutely not.

    How could Obama possibly be fairly blamed for the travesty in Mali. One must recall that liberals and Americanism did not force Muslim extremists to go to the lengths that they have, and under any other president the same result would have almost certainly been achieved. Sometimes, the president is not in control of everything.

  • The unrest in Mali is not Obama's fault

    McCarthy of Fox News, among other conservative contributors, have blamed President Obama for the unrest in Mali, by linking the interference in Libya with this new development. There is no evidence to claim the the interference then, or lack of interference now is actually what is causing this situation. Leaving Qaddafi in power, as McCarthy suggested, would've been a glaring mistake, due to him threatening his people, and would not have necessarily solved this issue.

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