Is Obama trying to pull a heist on the American people?

Asked by: CyberTechie
  • Obama's Worth is Petty Cash Compared to Bush, So He Needs Your Money!

    Obamacare governed by the notorious corrupt IRS is managed by corrupt leaders appointed by Obama. And they are suppressing millions of people to opt out of there skyrocketing company insurance to enroll in government funded insurances. Corrupt government like this, are signs that crooked politicians are at work and are about to get paid! This clearly could be Obama's opportunity for a huge payday in his attempt to measure up to Bush's Worth! Obama could be looking to cash out soon because his days are sorely numbered! And I'm sure he wouldn't want to go without your hard earned money in his hands first!

  • Obama is trying to accomplish the change he promised the American people who elected him.

    Obama ran on a platform of change. The American people voted for him because they wanted change. Since his first day in office, he has been trying to deliver on that promise. Unfortunately, he is working with a Congress and a small portion of the American public who are not as gung-ho about change as Obama and the people who elected him.

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CyberTechie says2013-09-27T02:34:13.403
I told you guys!!! I was right!!!!!!!!!!!

A Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration report released on Wednesday found that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) cannot account for $67 million spent from an Obamacare implementation slush fund. Guess where that money's at!!!!!
CyberTechie says2013-09-27T02:40:29.467