• Yes he is.

    Obama is turning the economy around. While it may not be apparent right now, he is laying the building blocks that will help the economy start growing again. He has had a huge mess to work with, and it is very surprising that he has done as good of a job so far.

  • Obama is turning the economy around.

    Obama is turning the economy around. He is at least doing everything in his power to try to do what is right for the economy. In the meantime, with Obamacare, he has given people that could not afford decent medical insurance the possibility to see a doctor without them having to spend a lot of money out of pocket.

  • Obama is turning the economy around

    Most of the problems that this economy faced in 2008 were the result of George Bush's policies. Bush caused the worst collapse since the Great Depression. Obama has done everything possible to stimulate the economy, and we are out of the recession. The unemployment rate went down last month, the DOW looks good, and things are looking up.

  • Slowly but surely!

    The progress has been slow, but Obama is turning the economy around. It hasn't been easy, due to a variety of factors-- one of which was Republicans who were holding up his efforts in an effort to make him look bad. Perhaps with the elections over both sides will be more willing to work together and increase the rate that things are getting better.

  • Yes, it appears the economy is strengthening

    It would appear that the economy is finally beginning to gain some momentum and be less volatile. It seems that many of President Obama's policies have had a positive effect on the national economy, with unemployment rates dropping in most states, and more individuals finding themselves able to get loans and make investments once again.

  • Yes, but he is doing it slowly

    Obama walked into a mess when he came into the white house. What we are seeing today is President Bush's mess. The past four years have been about restoring the economy, and the next four will be turning it around.

    Obama's reform strategies are sound, however it is difficult to get things moving in politics, especially in a increasingly divided country such as the USA, where his decisions can be easily overturned. This is the nature of a Democracy.

  • He is ruining it

    Are you kidding me? Obama is ruining the economy by his socialistic ways! Jobs are scarce, many people are unemployed, businesses don't want to offer decent wages to employees. More companies are hiring only part-time to avoid offering insurance. Obama wants a government-owned, government-run state with planned economy, no free market. He is taking steps to achieve just that.

  • No, Obama is making it worse.

    The economy will eventually get better with or without Obama, that is what markets do. It is not really a failure of Obama to turn things around as much as it is a failure of government. Government as an entity can not help an economy, it can only make it worse, or slow down recovery.

  • Economy Is At A Stand Still

    I do not believe that Obama is turning the economy around. I believe the economy is stuck and the only reason it is as good off now, as it is, is because half of America has bought into consumerist ideas that they must buy and consume everything. If not for people still running themselves into the ground, our economy would be in total lock down.

  • Economy is translated into $

    For those of you who have never taken an econ class, being in debt is a bad thing. Turning the economy would mean that our debt is lowering. The logic used by those saying it has turned around is like saying things are looking up 'cause he bailed out the auto-industry, but come on, the money came from somewhere. He's putting us further in debt, not turning the economy around. I'm not arguing others haven't done worse, this is about Obama and as it stands, we're plunging into a dept-pit head first.


    Yes, as the only person supporting the stance that Obama is not turning the economy around, I firmly believe Obama has down a HORRIBLE JOB. IN JUST ONE TERM, HE ACCUMULATED MORE DEBT THAN THE PREVIOUS 43 PRESIDENTS COMBINED! HE SAID HE WOULD DESCREASE UNEMPLOYMENT BELOW 5%, and right now its over 8.5%! Unemployment has increased over .5 %, and it would be well over 11% were it not that people dropped out of the workforce. Don't let the liberal media fool you, they disguise Obama and attack Bush. He said he would cut the deficit in half, he raised it by more than 100% to 1.2 trillion dollars in deficit. Do you think this is recovery? 800 billion dollars were used in the stimulus to try to get a couple million jobs, but in all, there has been an average increase of almost nill!! IS OBAMA REALLY TURNING THE ECONOMY AROUND?!

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