• He Could Of Done More To Create Gun Control Awareness In His First Term

    But not yet being a lame duck he did not push it that hard. If he was as passionate as he claims to be he would of done more. And before the argument arises that he could not, things were a bit more favorable in his first term. Technically he would still have a hard time now.

  • Obama would use ANYTHING as a political ploy

    First of all, gun sails have RISEN since he took office (ironically so has the debt, deficit, unemployment, food stamp recipients, gas prices, etc.) He is a liberal activist with no prior experience and absolutely NO logical plan to improve the economy or the American dream... He was elected SOLELY on political ploys and stretching of the truth. In no way has he improved the state of our nation and in no way will he.

  • Yes he is.

    The president is not a dumb man, and he knows exactly what it is that he is doing in regards to gun control and that debate surrounding it in this country. He is using the massacre in Connecticut to launch a political ploy and to change how we are as a country.

  • Absolutely not at all.

    This is the standard rebuttal every time a mass shooting happens. Liberals say "this is the time to talk about gun control" and conservatives usually come out with one of two things: 1) It's too early to talk about gun control. Have you no care for the families? Or 2) You're just using this as a political ploy to advance your agenda. Logically, if you followed that, nothing would ever get done about gun control. And that's exactly the point. Obama said that the Sandy Hook shooting was the worst day of his presidency and not to mention, he cried during his unscheduled press briefing for it. So, it's just disgusting to assume this is a political ploy for him. Simply disgusting.

  • No, he isn't

    I wish I could say I'm disappointed by what I'm seeing to the left but it's so thoroughly unsurprising how can I be? Look. Gun lovers. For the millionth time, not every person that thinks we need to more strictly regulate items designed to kill people is a crazy liberal whack job that wants you to not have guns so the military can bulldoze your home tomorrow. They are using common sense to try to address a problem, give it a try some time.

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