• He is a shape shifting Reptilian

    Barack Hussein Obama is a Reptilian Humanoid, His ancestors were Jinn disguised as Reptilian gods, there reptilians crossbred with human and created a hybrid race which eventually came into positions of power, they became kings, queens, and pharaohs, but now they are politicians, bankers, presidents, and prime minsters, The jinn can possess these bloodlines more easily and can incarnate as the presidents, and that is why the president's eyes sometimes change into reptilian eyes

    These Reptilians work for the Devil, who has horns and walks around with one shoe, and lies on his belly

    the Devil lives in the Bermuda triangle

    from there he sends his demon minions to whisper into the hearts of men and make them do bad things and see ghosts, ufos, and different apparitions such as black dogs, black cats, The Mothman, El Chupacabra, The Jersey Devil, The Lochness Monster, King Kong, Bigfoot, leprechauns, fairies, vampires, werewolves... Etc... They are all devils

    and the Devil controls the illuminati which is trying to expand the Israeli empire, so the Antichrist can come and try to take over the world

    but Imam Mahdi (as) will come and fight him, and Prophet Jesus (as) will return and kill the antichrist, and then after Jesus (as) passes away from old age, inalillahewainarajeoon then the Day of Judgement and you will all go to one of two places, Heaven or Hell forever

    choose heaven today and become a good Muslim today inshallah

  • Nixon Did Illegal Things

    President Obama isn't worse than Nixon. Richard Nixon was elected during an unpopular war that cost tens of thousands of American lives in Vietnam. In a power grab, he spied on his opponents to gain a political advantage and got caught. Nixon knew it was so bad that he resigned rather than face certain impeachment. No one in Congress has called for Obama's impeachment.

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