• Yes, Obama is a worse President than Romney would have been.

    It's impossible to declare whether one person is a better President than another for sure, but it might have been good to have Obama be a one-term President and have had a changing of the guard, so to speak. The health care changes that Obama has enacted are major, and causing a lot of grief to Americans, as well as rising costs for those who already had health insurance. Romney also changed health insurance, but his changes went more smoothly and are appreciated by residents of Massachusetts. He might have been able to handle health care reform better, due to having experience with it.

  • No, Romney was worse.

    President Obama may not have the personality to get everything done, but in my eyes a democrat is always better than a republican. Romney was an elitist and I do not think that he could relate well to people either. So the rich might have done better under his watch but not the middle class or below.

  • He is not.

    Obama is not worse than Romney. If Obama was worse then Romney, then Romney would have been elected president of the United States of America. So if you think that Romney is better then Obama, that is your opinion, but the opinion of the majority is that Obama is better.

  • I don’t think that Obama is worse than Romney.

    I don’t think that Obama is worse than Romney. I think that Obama was the lesser of two
    evils. I don’t trust any
    politician. But, I feel that Obama had
    some level of sincerity. I feel like
    Romney just wanted to get elected in order to be a power broker.

  • Romney Was Blind

    I do not believe that Obama is worse than Romney. The problem I had with Romney was the fact that he was so blind to the normal American's life. I do not believe Romney understands that the middle class is failing and that the country is becoming divided. I do not feel as though he was their to lead the people, I feel like he was interested in serving only the wealthy. I doubt he understands what it's like to be poor and I do not think he could empathize with the majority of the America public.

  • No. I do not believe the Obama is worse than Romney.

    No. I do not believe the Obama is worse than Romney, because Romney is a proven hypocrite, and liar. He changes his stances on issues in every other interview. He is not to be trusted. At least Obama has some consistency, and that is the main reason he was elected for two consecutive terms.

  • Romney was the GOP's 2012 stink bomb.

    If Obama was worse than Romney, he would have lost. Romney had one of the most expensive Presidential campaigns in the history of the United States. He had the best media managers and consultants. He had the image. He had the marketing. He had all that, and he still couldn't win because voters saw him as a dangerous, untested hypocrite.

  • Obama Cares about others

    While Obama has had his fair share of failures and mess ups as president he has done a much better job than Mitt Romney ever could have thought of doing for the simple fact that Obama cares about people where as Romney cares about money. All through the elections Romney showed his true colors and how he felt about the lower class people. He would not show any concern or empathy to anyone without big pockets if he were elected as president.

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