• ObamaCare is a viable healthcare solution.

    The Affordable Care act is a viable solution to the health care problem. This program will let people get insurance at a much lower cost than before. Although there have been some problems with the website at first, they have been resolved. This is an important step in the country's history.

  • Obamacare

    I really agree because that's really helpful, it can save our money for other things. Besides health care just more expensive each day. But i want obama care not only for health care but also for education, ecomonics problem, make more job vacancy and other things that we can't solve by ourselves

  • Obamacare is Viable

    Obama's health care system will save us a lot of money in the long run. All westernized nations have adopted this form of health care. Individuals will be healthier because they will be provided with insurance. Those who want to keep their insurance can. The system is designed to expand coverage and lower costs, something we need badly.

  • Yes, ObamaCare Has the Potential to Become A Viable Healthcare Solution in the U.S.

    Yes, I believe ObamaCare may become a viable solution to the U.S. healthcare crisis. By requiring everyone to carry insurance, the pool of insured individuals increases drastically and the financial risk carried by the insurance companies is spread out amongst the participants. This keeps specific individuals from being denied care and more people will be able to seek medical attention when needed.

  • ObamaCare Provides More Affordable Care to All in the Long Run

    Obamacare, once fully implemented, is a better health care option for United States citizens. By requiring people to have health insurance, the insured pool increases. Combined with increased regulation of the insurance industry, this should lower the price of insurance premiums for everyone, even self-employed people that have to buy their own insurance. Hospital emergency rooms will be less crowded once people have an affordable health care option that allows them to go to a family doctor for routine medical concerns. Covering basic preventative care allows people to live healthier lives by catching or preventing serious medical conditions before they happen.

  • No its just another screwing we get for the screwing we got

    Obama care is just more of this screwed up Government, dictating what they think the American people need, when they really have no Idea what we want. I for one would love for someone to show me how this bill is saving me money on my health care. My plan has quadrupled this year 2016 but our Government really doesn't care. There going to string this disaster alone, and pussy foot around it until it to late. Then they'll want to some how tax THE SHIT OUT OF IT even more to fix the disaster when all they have to do now is stick a bomb under it and blow it to smithereens! The Obama's and the Clinton's of the world really think this is a good thing. (Because there not on it) I think its going to tank our economy, and before the middle of 2016 more people are going to opt out because they cant pay for a policy that's not worth the paper its written on. That bring me to another point! The market place keeps saying you have all of these great policy's out there. Haven't found one yet on a Bronze plan , all they offer is crap policy's with ridicules deductibles. You literary get nothing for your money. I mean give me a break, if you can afford a policy on a Gold plan or even a Silver plan you don't need Obama care. It would be cheaper to go off the market place and get a policy. You would also get better coverage. Don't believe me check into it. Its the truth. Long story short, I lost my coverage because of this moron. I got coverage for one year and it was a joke!! Now they want to reach out and touch me again but my ass is to sore from the last time. I'm not paying 4 times what I did last year. These Insurance company's are getting rich off this moron and he's going to leave in one year thinking he did the world some good. (or he's going to be smiling because that's what morons like him do after they screw your eyes out.) Ill be damned if these Liberal wamby pambys are going to get the best of us. (WAKE UP AMERICA) Its time to grow a pair and start fighting for our constitutional rights and put Government back where it belongs. (IN THE CLOSET) If you want good health care, keep the government out of it. If you don't lets just let them do what they do best, nothing and (screw things up) My true thoughts are we need someone in office with back bone. Someone that isn't a career pollution. Someone that isn't in every one else's pockets. (Hillary never Trump forever)

  • Obamacare is pointless lol

    In any case, obamacare is not really legal. The government is forcing people to buy a weird type of insurance. Let's just think about that. Another shutdown will kill the economy. For forcing insurance, that is enough reason to get kicked out. Have you even seen he is on a trip more than working?

  • Not a viable solution

    With Obamacare the rates on premium insurance have increased, not everyone qualifies and it does not cover every single need. Europe laughs at our healthcare system. They use the tax credit to pay for insurance that people get for free. In Germany, individuals with an income under $67,000 pay only 7% from their checks to insurance, with options to choose according to their needs. Children and non working spouses automatically qualify for free insurance. All this because they use the government's tax credit, what does the United States do with that credit????!!

  • Socialistic health care is not the solution

    Socialistic health care were the government give everyone health care has never worked in any country it has been introduced to. It ends up weaking the health care treatment and quality that the people recieve and it puts more tax stress on the tax payers. In america the majority of the people who dont have health care is because they choose not to have it not because they cant afford it although there are some that that is the case and there is subsidized insurance to help them out . But nothing is ever free , what doesnt cost one person costs 3 more people in the health care buisness. So giving everyone insurance is not the answer to our current dilema.

  • Following in Canada's footsteps!

    We moved from Canada to get away from a socialized form of medical care. This is exactly the path that the US is taking with Obamacare. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (official name for Obamacare) will result in high taxes and rationed care, neither of which are a protection nor are affordable. We are definitely speaking from experience here!

  • Too many inconsistencies

    The law, at present, excludes unions and big businesses, which unfairly targets a small minority of independent small business owners. It also doesn't appear to be viable financially, insofar as participation levels may not be high enough to support the new body of insured non workers. The law also appears to force some to go against their religious beliefs with regard to abortion and contraception, which may be unconstitutional. In all, the law is flawed, by the President's own admission, and should be redesigned, rather than patched.

  • Government Management = Disaster

    Nothing in this world is more important than the preservation of human life. I don't care to talk to anyone who has an opinion to the contrary. However, I don't agree with the "institution" of government-managed health care. I put institution in quotes because I believe our federal and state government has been playing a huge role in our health care system since 1965. I believe the downfall of our health care system also commenced on a downward spiral in 1965 as well. It is erroneous and offensive to assert, as a generalization, that citizens who are against our President's health care initiative are not concerned about the less fortunate. On the contrary, I believe that many of us understand that the government is the root of the problem in our current health care system. The government interjected itself in our health care system 50 years ago and after effectively destroying it, has decided that a total takeover and management position would be best for us. It is utterly alarming that we have allowed this to take place for so long, and the desperation that has ensued has caused us to take refuge with an individual who has falsely garnered confidence that he is a man of the people. He is not a man of the people. I don't know what he is. I don't know how he came to be President. He has made devout promises on major issues which he has completely disregarded. I had ZERO faith in Obama as a president in 2008 and he has managed to let me down.

    Obama and Romney would favor taking health care our of hands and into the murky realm of bureaucracy and government intervention. The more levels we have between the patient and the physician, the more expensive and less satisfying the health care experience for the consumer.

    Causes of our current health care system:

    A) Medicare and Medicaid in 1965

    B) CON (Certificate of Need) Laws of the 1960's and 1970's which required a state regulatory board to approve any proposed new facility in order to control the rapid spending increases which began with Medicare and Medicaid. The Federal Government mandated CON laws in 1976 and abandoned them due to ineffectiveness in 1987. Many states retained these laws for what reason? Hospitals then turned these laws around and used them to prevent competition.

    C) State level medical licensing
    Eliminate state level licensing and remove the government susceptibility to influence from physician related groups who want to control the market. Hospitals, health plans, and other organizations would continue to rely on board certification, private credentialing organizations, etc. to evaluate the competence of clinicians.

    D) Legislation and mandates that have taken the choices out health care and given the power to corporations.

    How many times have you heard of anyone dying or suffering on the side of the road because no hospitals would take them in and help? Never. People have always received care regardless of their income. The difference now is that our government has instituted so many mandates and regulations from health care provider pressure (lobbying) that everything is complicated, expensive, and taken out of the control of the receiver of the health care. Special interest pressure on our government officials has created our current health care system. I don't understand how people think that turning over government health care for management will make our government less susceptible to lobbying efforts or more efficient in any way.

    We need to change laws that the physician-backed government has put in place that prohibits nurse practioners and physician assistants from operating freely and providing routine medical care at much lower costs and greater availability to lower income Americans.

    The use of midlevel clinicians bringing quality care to low income Americans and greater competition between different delivery and payment systems would drive the medical marketplace toward providing
    greater health for more Americans at a far lower cost.

    I firmly believe that your system of health care will cause nothing but divide and unrest in our nation. People want to control their own money. They've earned it and they want it to go where they choose, and rightfully so.

    I believe the problem with many people today is that we've been brainwashed into thinking government is the answer to our problems. Government is terrible at everything and has nothing unless it takes it from us by force.

    A definition of charity: The voluntary giving of help, typically money, to those in need.

    The key word in that definition is voluntary. People who earn money should have the choice of where they spend their money. If they don't want to help the less fortunate, they shouldn't have to. I strongly believe that a majority of Americans and corporations would FREELY choose to donate to an charitable organization of their choice. There are also tax breaks and incentives already in place which make donations advantageous if their motives are not as pure as yours. Private charities and hospitals will do a much better job at distributing funds and quality care to individuals in need.

    Government has nothing unless it takes it from us by force. Government has no incentive to be efficient because it can always come back to the coffer for more of your money. One of the many problems with that is that the money may not be there at some point.

    The first and foremost solution is is re-instituting measures already in place that limit the power of our federal government. It's off the charts and out of control.

  • No. Way.

    ObamaCare is one of the most fascist bills to ever be passed in this country (mind you, I said "one of the most," not THE most). It takes away the People's right to choice, which is quite important in a nation that claims to be free. For those who refuse to take ObamaCare, the penalty is either jail time or at least $695 a year (when it's none of the government's business what your healthcare coverage is to start with). In addition, ObamaCare not only increases existing taxes, but creates new ones such as surtax on investment income, hike in Medicare payroll tax, individual mandate excise tax and employer mandate tax, tax on health insurers, excise tax on comprehensive health insurance plans, "black liquor" tax hike, tax on innovator drug companies, tax on medical device manufacturers, high medical bills tax, flexible spending account cap (or, a Special Needs Kid tax), medicine cabinet tax, elimination of tax deduction for employer-provided retirement RX drug coverage in accordance with Medicare Part D, codification of the 'economic substance doctrine,' tax on indoor tanning services, HSA withdrawal tax hike, $500K annual executive compensation limit for health insurance executives, Blue Cross/Blue Shield tax hike, excise tax on charitable hospitals and employer reporting of insurance on W-2. Even more shocking is that ObamaCare mandates the use of RFID chips, citing that the tracking devices will be used in accordance to the wishes of the Secretary of State (which leaves a lot of room for Big Brother-type surveillance). Lastly, but not least, ObamaCare "rations health services" by the use of "death panels:" a term that basically started with Sarah Palin back in '09 used to define those "unworthy" of health coverage. In fact, Obama's adviser, Steven Rattner, stresses that "we need death panels." The elderly and severely ill will be the first to be sacrificed. ObamaCare not only will ultimately severely limit coverage to the entire nation (and, as a result, MURDERING millions of people), it will lead us further down the road of crippling debt and into the open, waiting arms of a police state.

  • Not at all!!!

    What fuels this country and what will help us get out of this huge deficit is a free market system, not one that is beauracratically controlled. Government beaurocracies and jobs pay twice as much as their private sector counter parts with that money coming from the taxpayer's pocket. Not only will you have to pay to supply healthcare to all in this country, but also all the salaries of government employees needed to enforce these laws. On the other hand, free market insurance will create competition that is needed for us to survive. People will be able to choose their own plans based on their needs, insurance companies will always be looking for ways to get newer advancements so that people will buy from them. Doctors will not be restricted to government ordained treatments only and will be able to get the best treatments possible for their patients

  • No ObamaCare is not a viable healthcare solution

    Is it far from affordable. People will struggle to pay it in an already strapped economy, not to mention any fines they would incur for not being able to. Businesses are already cutting hours to get around paying the high insurance costs for their workers. It's just not a good plan all the way around. That's not even getting into the fact that any care one would receive would be government run entirely. So you'd have no choice on what care, the amount or type you'd receive.

    So yeah, expensive, job reducing and controlled all adds up to a far from viable healthcare plan.

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