• Obamacare fails at math


    I am not the smartest person but I've learned a few simple things from experience. If you choose McDonalds you get American food. If you choose Chipotle, Mexican food. If you elect a socialist, you get a Socialist America and with more mistakes maybe Communism. In 2005-2009 I got very sick with sinus cancer. But it wasn't diagnosed correctly. Why, because I didn't have health insurance so I paid cash to every cheap hole in the wall doctor. Every specialist I went to claimed I had the cancer that they specialized in treating. The gum disease doctor diagnosed me with gum cancer. The root canal specialist said I had teeth problems. The eye surgeon said the pain I am experiencing could be brain cancer. But all along it was sinus cancer from second hand smoke. So I bought catastrophic insurance in 2007. I paid $90 monthly. That didn't cure me. Time and home remedies and my body's natural healing did. When Obamacare arrived they wanted around $650 monthly. I wasn't opposed to it but I was a laggard and a wait and see person. My uncles got baited with free or cheap Obamacare. But soon their premiums increased many times. Now with the bad economy, they closed their business, signed over their last possession - their house, and is receiving welfare.

    I am an immigrant from the Vietnam war. I have lived a hard life of in America. No vacations, no health insurance, poor nutrition, drug infested neighborhood, bad education. But I am a happy capitalist. Why? Because no one threatens me or tries to extort money from me. Since 2016 I've been threatened with IRS letters telling me "penalty" for not buying Obamacare. I kept my grandfathered insurance policy since 2005. I wasn't opposed to Obamacare but I am a lagard- a "Wait & See" person. Many of my uncles were greedy and took the bait of cheap premiums or "free" Obamacare. But now they are paying 10 times their old premium. I paid $90/ monthly for catastrophic hospital/cancer only. But my grandfathered policy is now $171/ monthly. Which is still cheaper then Obamacare. I pay cash for my exams, mammograms, lab. It still comes out cheaper. My uncles- bankrupt and living on welfare.

    I"ve seen with my own eyes free healthcare is incompetent doctors. Some of my customers are on Medicaid ( white card) and the doctors messed up her internal organs so badly that she now holds a urine poop bag with a tube hanging out of the gut. Botched health all from a simple operation. Free is not good folks. Money attracts the best and brightest.

  • Yes, it is costly.

    Yes, Obamacare is bad for Americans, because it has already become very expensive. Countless Americans have already lost their health care. People have had a hard time signing up on the government website. Those who can sign up have been shocked to find out how expensive it is. The care is limited, and everyone has to get the same package for care. It is unfair and unequal.

  • It's the best thing that's happened to health care.

    Obamacare is great for Americans. At least it's been great for this American. I had no health insurance before this so-called Obamacare. Now I have it, and it's affordable. I can visit a doctor without having to worry about pissing off my landlord with late rent. I can get prescriptions without having to choose between them and food. Thanks, Obama!

  • No, it seems helpful.

    On the surface the affordable care act seems to be good for Americans because too many of them had access to no good medical insurance that they could afford. However, in the long run this is uncertain because it does not seem clear to many of us how this will all be paid for.

  • It is not.

    Obamacare is not bad for Americans. A lot of people do not really understand what Obamacare is or does, so this makes them scared which in turn makes them reject it. Obamacare actually helps out a ton of American who were not able to get medical coverage before get it now.

  • Obamacare is not bad for Americans.

    Obamacare is not bad for Americans. Obamacare is actually trying to help Americans by providing them with medical insurance that they cannot typically afford without it. Obamacare wants to be the only medical care that we need. It is a new plan so it will take awhile before all the kinks are worked out.

  • No it is not

    I think that Obamacare is a good concept and should not be considered bad because it helps the poor people who are less fortunate to get the medical care that they might need and I wish the rich people would start backing it up and stop being so infected with the sickness of greed because I know it is mainly them who would oppose Obamacare.

  • No it's not.

    It's certainly not bad for Americans health. There are people who have health insurance for the first time in years, or their first time as an adult. I am one of them. The people who are living in the states where the Governors are allowing the poorest people to be on Medicaid probably feel the greatest depth of gratitude for the law. I'm not saying that no one suffered from it, but the stories are mostly "what if's" and are greatly exaggerated.

  • Obamacare is good for Americans

    All Americans are at risk of having health problems. They can be so debilitating and costly that it can have sever personal economical effects. The healthcare that Obamacare seems to be much better that the care provided by for profit insurance companies. The coverage is good and the premiums are cheap. In my case it would be a good deal for me.

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