• "Affordable Care Act" sounds better doesn't it?

    Let's just cut to the chase...Universal healthcare is simply a program designed to help the citizenry who otherwise would not have ANY access to healthcare. The problem is, it was introduced by a black president. Had it been someone else, it would have been lauded as fine program. People without health insurance face financial ruin at best when they get sick...Or at worst, they DIE!!! Can someone please offer a plausible alternative, instead of this mindless bashing of Obamacare?!!!

  • I think that Obamacare is good

    Obamacare helps people who need the help and if they do not think that that is not good then I don't know what's wrong with these people I mean have you seen the 20 million people he helped?!?!?!?! That's a lot!!!! Change your vote and make a difference in America!

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  • Gives people access to basic civil liberties

    We should all have the ability to be treated equally when it comes to our health. I have heard numerous stories from Republicans praising how Obamacare saved their lives. It's time to suck up your pride and just agree with something because it's right, regardless of your political party. Word

  • Obama care is needed in our country

    Obama care is good for our economy because it allows the lower class and people who would normally be denied care proper health benefits. I know that there are some bugs with Obamacare, but if republicans and democrats can work together, I think this will benefit the citizens of our country

  • More Taxes for the Government

    If health care is made free, more people will have access to it! The more people that have access to it, the more people that will use it. The more people that use it, the longer people will live. The longer people live, the longer they work. The longer people work, the more taxes the government collects. FREE HEALTH-CARE IS GOOD FOR THE ECONOMY!

  • Because Obama that's why

    Obama hates cats. Did you know this? He plans on using all money collected to fund "Obamacare", or as I should call it "cat Hitler", to ship all the cats into space. What kind of person wouldn't allow such a fine showing of leadership from our very own President, Hussein Meowsington Obama?

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  • Do you not want to live longer?

    Big corporations need to be taxed the gap between the poor and rich are far too large. Humans in a developed country are dying from easily preventable and curable health issues. Look north of the border how different life is because of a few socialized policies, the trade-offs are defiantly worth it especially if you are not part of the shrinking 1%.

  • Very good for nation

    Obamacare is a good idea and it is a good policy for the country. Although there have been some initial problems, in the end it is proving to be a success. It will allow more Americans to have affordable health care coverage. Most industrialized countries in the world have a similar system.

  • Not cost-effective and as blatantly pro-corporation as the Iraq War.

    Obamacare is essentially the government purchasing health insurance for people from the parasitic insurance companies, as are Medicare and Medicaid. It is not cost-effective, and is projected to raise spending on healthcare substantially, despite all the emotive piffle that Obama constantly spouts. Socialised Medicine, with nationalised hospitals and public sector doctors like in every other industrialised country, even ones with much smaller economies and GDP per capita; would effectively half healthcare spending and still provide the same service, as well as addressing all the ethical qualms about the forty-four million Americans that don't currently have healthcare.

    Providing the same service more ethically and for a fraction of the cost? That's what fiscal responsibility is, not cutting food stamps.

  • No, Definitely Not

    I can honestly say that I disagree with almost ever single thing in it. From an emotional perspective its fine but from an economic (long term) and from a social perspective its pretty bad. I do not need to use complex economics or philosophy to say why it is a bad system I can use simple logic. If the amount of Doctors stay the same but the bureaucracy increases (due to Govt. Regulation) then the amount of man hours will decrease. On top of that more people will have health insurance (as they are forced to) so the demand will further increase. If the supply decreases then the price will increase. If the demand increases then the price will increase. Econ 101. The only way this will be "affordable" is if the government spends money but this money still comes from you. Even if your premium goes down that does not change the fact the average cost will increase. People who did not have it before will pay more. People who are male (particularly young) will pay more. People who are healthy will pay more. Why do you think the shares of the big insurance companies increased as soon as Obama care was announced. It was written by people in the health insurance and health care industry. Maybe the reason health care is getting more expensive is because the average age is increasing (better medicine and baby boomers ageing) as well as people making bad lifestyle choices such as diet and exercise and maybe because the government keeps on interfering with the free market.

  • Killing My Dream

    Obamacare is hurting the business owners in our country. Honestly,
    my dreams of owning businesses is being dampened by the requirements of obamacare. It's sad that some good businesses are going to have to close shop because they just can't afford to provide this "free" healthcare to their employees and still make some kind of profit to support their families... Killing the American Dream!

  • Economy or Bust

    There are numerous reasons why Obamacare is not good. First, it hurts with jobs. Numerous companies will not hire anymore people due to Obamacare. Numerous people have been let go. Numerous people can't get full time jobs due to Obamacare. This all hurts our economy. You can't get the economy going with such a program in place. This is not the right time to attempt this. Obama just wants his name on it and is forcing it through at all costs. Unfortunately this cost will be our economy and our future.

  • For McSh-t's and Wendy's and fast food, yes, but for real, good business, no

    I hope Obamacare puts McDonald's and Wendy's out of business. I love it when scum attacks other scum. Lol. But not good business like Johnny Rockets or many of our good hospitals there giving our people what they need. So, yeah, there you have it. Obamacare is good for crappy businesses, meaning they'll be exterminated.

  • It is not cost effective.

    People can think of it emotionally but economically and effective it is definitely not. I think Obama was more in the socialist agenda that did not worry about people wanting more jobs and economic growth instead he focused on giving handouts to a lot of people overall people became more dependent of the government.

  • Nothing but dismay

    Obama care has not done anything good in its 8 years of life. There have been so many lies regarding Obama care. Millions have lost their insurance and doctors because of it. Healthcare companies have been put out of business, and people have lost their jobs because of it. There is nothing good about Obama care.

  • A 140% increase in my premium.

    After the Affordable Healthcare Act was passed, I experienced a 140% increase in my premium for essentially worse insurance than I had before after. Ironic huh? Affordable Healthcare Acts means 140% increase. How exactly is that good? By the way, has anyone stopped to ask why health care is so high anyways? Now, instead of trying to find ways to cut spending on health care, we gave uncle same a gun to hold to our heads to force us to buy insurance that pay these ridiculously high cost. Thanks Obama voters! I mean really, what else can we expect from a political party whose symbol is an ass.

  • ACA is horrible and must be repeal without replacement

    ACA is bad, very bad. No one should be force to buy healthcare. No one should be force to pay for someone else's healthcare. Even the pre-existing condition portion of the law is bad. Yes, I do agree that they shouldn't be denied but the cost of the their insurance should be higher (unless the cost of the required medication is not under insurance). Insurance is meant to cover the unexpected, not what you know you have to pay for already. (Your car insurance doesn't pay for your gas.) Now, just in case, people are going to argue that taxpayers are already paying for the uninsured previously, well I believe that EMTALA should also be abolish and that hospitals should have their rights back to treat only those with insurance or have the ability to pay (if they so wish).

  • I hate Obamacare.

    Hardworking Americans earn their own way to make money, and be able to have health insurance. It's not fair to make them pay for someone else's healthcare when those other people could easily go get a job- any job- and pay their own healthcare bills. I'm not talking about disabled people here. I'm talking about the people who COULD get a job, and COULD earn their own money, instead of forcing bills onto other hardworking people.

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