• Obamacare is Confusing

    For the average person, Obamacare is more than confusing. Even healthcare professionals and politicians are confused about this legislation. Obamacare isn't very clear, which poses plenty of problems for the American public. The legislation needs to be simplified and spelled out clearly to avoid problems for Americans in the coming years.

  • Yes, the Affordable Care Act is confusing.

    The Affordable Care Act is very confusing, and it has been difficult for people to understand all the ins and outs of it. People I have talked to about it have had to get insurance when they didn't want it, or have gotten bad insurance just because they have to have it, and the like. People also don't understand the fees, and some people don't realize they're required to have insurance now. It has also been confusing for people who already had insurance policies, who have seen their rates go up. We weren't informed enough for this roll-out to happen.

  • Yes, Obamacare is hard to understand.

    Yes, Obamacare is hard to understand especially for the average Joe. There are a lot of tricky words and requirements within Obamacare. Polls have shown that the majority of the public doesn't even understand what a deductible, copay, co-insurance and out-of-pocket maximum mean. The insurance industry has done a good job of confusing it's consumers.

  • Yes, nobody has read it.

    Yes, Obamacare is hard to understand, because it is literally thousands of pages long. Nobody has even ever read it. Nancy Pelosi even said that we couldn't find out what was in the bill until we pass it, because we need to find out what was in it. Nobody can follow it, and it is hard to sing up for and expensive.

  • Obamacare is very complex.

    Obamacare is a very complex system because it tries to marry a public healthcare system with the private healthcare sector. It is difficult to make something that has previously been exclusively privatized and make it applicable to the general public. It is also difficult to financially to shift funds into the right places in order for such a program to be successful. In those respects, Obamacare is difficult for anyone who is not intimately familiar with the healthcare industry to understand.

  • I think Obamacare just has a bad reputation.

    All you need is to watch this video. Obamacare has gotten a bad reputation because of its name. This video even proves that because of negative publicity. Or people just have no idea what is going on in politics. I am 14 and even knew the real name of obamacare.

  • Obama and Obamacare are both on the way out in2014obamacare

    Obamacare is as useless as the person who come up with it.And we know who that was,and we know how long it will last as long as he will 2014 dooms day for him and his administration. There are all boomed for unemployment or no employment. Good riddenss.It will be a better America.

  • Not a definite "yes".

    At face value, the Affordable Care Act of 2010 is a whopping piece of legislation, coming in just under 33,000 pages of rules and regulations. While having a superficial understanding of what the law says, what it does, and how it'll affect you and your family is fairly easy, a full comprehension of the sweeping changes made to the national healthcare system is less easy to attain. The law drastically changes the way private insurance companies deal with a sizable part of the American population. Even the leading Corporations in the medical insurance field, despite their legions of lawyers and analysts, are not able to fully predict the ways in which the market will respond to the implementation of the new law. Additionally, the law isn't uniform throughout the country. Certain States, such as Massachusetts, rely on their own system to provide the benefits mandated by the Affordable Care Act.

  • Plenty of digest/summaries are available to explain the massive legislation.

    While the actual text of the legislation might be overwhelming, that is the product of laws that try to address as many loop-holes and circumstances as possible. Find a trustworthy source of information that will make a digest/summary of the law, and go with that. Be critical, and be skeptical, but also be rational. If you hear something ridiculous (like "they're going to start forming death panels") look into that a bit more. You might be surprised to find the fear mongering is a lie.

    Much of the basic premises of health insurance have NOT changed, and in my conversations with people over the past few weeks, I've realized that way too many people don't even understand the health insurance that was in place BEFORE the Affordable Healthcare Act, let alone after. Those who do understand? They're pretty happy with the changes. The ACA takes a lot of the really crappy things and eliminates those things making the system a little better. It's not perfect, but progress is slow.

  • The Affordable Care Act is Not Difficult to Understand

    I'm sure that the actual bill for the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is difficult to understand, but there are websites that break it down in categories and in time lines of what changes will be made and when. I think part of what is difficult for people to understand is insurance vocabulary, but this is something people need to know.

  • It is not Obamacare that is difficult to understand

    Obamacare is not difficult to understand. What is difficult to understand is why anyone thought it might be a good idea. The concept is very simple which is to punish anyone, mostly small business owners, who cannot afford insurance by raising their taxes. As with any government program there is plenty of fluff and filler to distort the issues but that is the core of it.

  • Not at all hard to understand, just hard to swallow.

    It's not hard to grasp that multitudes in this once great nation were duped into this retarded notion that everyone is entitled to healthcare, after all, a slim majority voted for a guy who essentially promised them unearned entitlements, free stuff at the expense of those who work for a living.

    It's just hard to swallow that the courts sided with this criminal, effectively granting healthcare companies unlimited access to the American wallet under the duress if taxes and harsh penalties for noncompliance. Obama and his goons essentially created the most profitable enterprise since the establishment of the military industrial complex.

    But hey, John Q. Public still thinks he's getting it for free! Hopeless change for the worst .

    Merry Christmas, America!


  • No, because how many Americans actually knew anything about their current coverage?

    Most people buy a plan because it is cheap, then when hospital time comes, then they find out it denies this and it denies that. Even it Aetna and Blue Cross, they will pre approve a procedure and then not pay out. Where does that leave you the consumer? In enormous debt and possibly foreclosure. I think we should have gone with single payer universal health care, but trying to be an American capitalist, Obama tried to stick with private companies. That is the only failure I see. That and the red states that are denying Medicaid when it won't cost the state adman thing.

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