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  • No, Obamacare is not that popular.

    Obamacare is not more popular than Donald Trump. Obamacare has long been unpopular with a majority of Americans. The controversial healthcare law has led to huge insurance premium hikes, lost coverage and large deductibles that many cannot afford. In short, repealing Obamacare will be a lot like taking your hand out of a bucket of water.

  • Obamacare is not more popular than Donald Trump

    Obamacare is not more popular than Donald Trump. As we have seen, polls should be taken with very little grain of salt. Polls predicted a sweeping victory for Hillary Clinton. Well, I just got done watching President Donald J. Trump get sworn in. Thank goodness Obamacare is soon to be a relic of the past.

  • Obamacare is losing popularity to Trump.

    Not as much attention has been paid to Obamacare recently, as Trump has seemingly overtaken the media. It will probably come back into focus after the inauguration. Trump will most likely make it a top priority after officially taking office. If he intends to do away with Obamacare, this will spark a whole new interest and much debate.

  • Trump is popular.

    We've had years now to see what Obamacare can do. There are not many people who have it that like it. The premiums are so high for a family, and then there is a very high deductible, so chances are you don't actually get to see any benefits from your insurance.

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