• Yes, I think this is a good analogy.

    Obamacare could be called his "Iraq war" because it will probably leave him with a bad reputation just as Iraq did for George W. Bush. Unfortunately, Obamacare is not popular with the public and is causing Obama to lose a lot of support. This is similar to what happened with Bush over the Iraq war.

  • Obamacare is more than just debate issue

    The Iraq war was a huge source of debate for President Bush. At the end of everything, there are many people who believe he acted without having valid information and wound up involving our country in conflict when we didn't need to as there were no WMD. In contrast, regardless of what you think about Obamacare, there is no debate that our current system is broken and needs to change. There is a clear need for health care reform, as the GOP finally admitted.

  • Thousands of Lives Not Lost

    The Affordable Care Act of 2010 is not Obama's version of the Iraq War. Hundreds of thousands of civilians weren't killed over 10 years. IEDs didn't destroy U.S. troops, nor did a terrorist organization invade the United States and bomb military targets on a weekly basis at the height of the occupation. The Affordable Care Act saves lives, not wastes them.

  • A few key differences

    There are a few key differences between Obama's Affordable Health Care Act and President Bush's Iraq War. One is an earnest attempt to provide affordable health care to American citizens, something that voters have clamored for for ages. The other was a malicious, unprovoked act against a non-threatening country that used lies and deception to convince the American people it was an appropriate course of action. Obamacare is an attempt to help people, the Iraq War is an act of imperialist diplomacy.

  • The ACA is not at all the same as Iraq.

    I find the comparison to be insulting, quite frankly. The affordable care act is about saving lives and providing people with the means to live a long and healthy life in America. The Iraq War was an unfounded knee jerk reaction that has dominoed into a global conflict with lives lost every day.

  • No, it's much different.

    I don't believe that Obamacare is President Obama's Iraq War because of one very important and key difference. The Iraq War hurt people (innocent civilians and soldiers) and really did not help Iraq escape turmoil in their country. Obamacare helps millions of people. Now people don't have to live without being covered for their care and millions of people can be on Medicaid.

  • No, they are separate issues.

    No, Obamacare is not President Obama's Iraq War, because the handling of a war is very different than the handling of a domestic economic and human services issue. The Iraq War was not unpopular among Americans, even though it did drag on for a long time. An economic issue is a different matter, and Americans are split on the issue.

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