• Yes, of course Obamacare is constitutional.

    The right to many things to facilitate self development is included in the constitution. The affordable health care act is just establishing one of those rights for everybody, not just for the rich. Many civilized nations outside of the United States provide such a safety net, and we need to be doing that also in one way or another.

  • No, Obamacare is Government Invasion in Personal Choice

    Obamacare is another recent law that allows the government to step into personal choice and dictate behavior that the government has no business being involved in. The decision to have or decline health coverage is one that needs to be made on the family level on the basis of various personal factors including finances, culture, religion and need for insurance. By requiring it of everyone Obamacare ignores these personal factors, and forces even those that cannot or will not use the coverage to waste money on it regardless of the objection.

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