• Overly complicated and should be illegal!

    Healthcare is a product and service. Just because you have power, doesn't give you the right to impose it and force people to pay for your service or products. Worse, he straight up lied to the middle class about rising their taxes. Beginning 2014, Obamacare will strip millions of Americans of their income tax returns who can't afford medical insurance. And that new law tax rate is scheduled to go up every year! That's no different from a bully at school taking kids lunch money or making them pay rent just because. No one at my company can afford or is on my company's medical insurance because of how high Obamacare has jacked up the premiums. And we are just a medium size firm. It's so sad we have to opt to some cheap third party provider. Obama is using forceful tactics against the wrong people, and hard working Americans are suffering serious consequences. This is not business owners fault! This is Obama's fault for not treating them respectfully showing them appreciating for providing jobs! What a loser! Get him out!

  • No its not too complicated

    These businesses are against Obama care so they are going to put forth their best effort to go against Obama's plans. I believe these businesses are sitting on a lot of cash but for the love of money and greed, they are not willing to help those in need. They have no reason to help those in need when all there needs are getting met, so that gives there brain room to think on other things the minority class may not have enough time to think about. So why the minority is thinking about eating, paying rent/mortgage, and other middle class stress, the rich class minds are on other things and in this case it would be getting more money... So no Obama care is not complicated if anything the money businesses have to contribute is like chump change...But businesses are not willing to give up their chump change because of greed, power, and because they want Obama to fail and look bad

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