• Too expensive for middle class

    Change of jobs left us without employer provided health coverage. The plans shown to us initially for Obamacare were affordable but once we got our application submitted, Those plans disappeared and we were left with only 6 plans to choose from, All of which are way too expensive for us to afford and none of which included any physicians that are close to us. Seriously? Now what?

  • Way too expensive!

    My health insurance premiums have more than tripled since the ACA started. I have checked both on and off the exchange, and there are no cheaper options for me. To make matters worse, the premium increases occur every year, and they are much higher than they were before the ACA. I simply don't know what to do! I'm afraid I will be priced out of health insurance sooner or later.

  • Obamacare is too expensive and doesn't meet its objectives

    The intention of Obamacare was to increase access to health insurance coverage and make health insurance more affordable overall. On one hand, many individuals who did not have insurance before have obtained affordable coverage. But on the other hand, many others have lost the coverage they had and enjoyed before, with premiums rising drastically in a significant number of cases. The cost of care itself continues to rise as well. All of these less than satisfactory results have come with a large increase in health care spending, which was already the highest in the world.

  • Obamacre Is Expensive

    Obamacare is way too expensive for the common folk. Health care should be free just like it is in Canada. If anyone pays a penny for Obamacare, then they are being scammed. Other places in the World think having health care is a way of life and should be free to the public. Plus, many people on Obama care are finding out they don't make enough money to feed their family and pay for his health care too.

  • Yes It Is

    Obamacare policies are too expensive for me. I filled out my application and the cost of monthly payments and deductibles was more than I make in a years time. Of course that is unaffordable. Since my state didn't expand Medicaid I don't qualify for that and since I'm below the poverty line I don't qualify for the other help. Obamacare is useless to me.

  • Look outside of USA

    America spends, even with "Obamacare" MORE per person than any other developed country. For this huge cost America receives the WORST healthcare (on average) than any other developed country.
    Can America afford to have the worst healthcare in the developed world? Sure, the wealthy can no problem, they'll have health insurance even if they loose their job. Can the normal American?

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