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  • McCarthyism is worse than Obamaism

    McCarthyism is worse than Obamaism as McCarthyism led to the persecution and alienation of many people who had committed no greater crime then being from the Soviet Union or areas near the Soviet Union. At this point, creating a name for a non-issue and comparing it to the nightmare which was McCarthyism is pretty far-reaching as a debate and seems to give more credit to the Obama administration then they have earned.

  • McCarthyism Worse than "Obamaism"

    While the existence of "Obamaism" is debatable, there's no way that it's worse than McCarthyism was in the mid-20th century. McCarthyism was a negative period in our history, where politicians were chasing after Communists and the like. During this time, people were accused and tried for utter nonsense in court.

  • Equally stupid mindsets

    Both things lead to nothing getting accomplished because everybody is blaming a boogeyman that doesn't exist in the way they think it does. One isn't worse than the other, they're both moronic ad require a lot of time and energy directed towards something that it is completely needless to be so hostile towards.

  • Obama Isn't Hunting Witches

    Joseph McCarthy was scared of his fellow Americans because of a perception that the "red menace" known as Communism was going to infiltrate America and take over all aspects of our society. McCarthy's witch hunts ruined the lives and reputations of thousands of Americans. Obama hasn't gone on witch hunts to root out a fear of policies different from his. Instead, he's trying to do what is best for all Americans. It's Congress that's the problem, not Obama.

  • Obamism does not even compare with McCarthyism.

    People who compare Obama to McCarthy are ignorant and extremely uninformed. Although what Obama has done (or lack thereof) during his presidency can be considered good or bad, it does not compare in any way to the McCarthy era. The Red Scare was a completely different era where many Americans' rights were violated. Not as many rights have been violated since 2008.

  • Obamaism is not worse than McCarthyism.

    Obamaism and McCarthyism are two totally different things. During the Cold War, there was a witch hunt for suspected Communists. Obamacare, or, as it is really called, the Affordable Care Act, is an attempt to reform health care. Today, the reforms are beneficial. McCarthyism was not good for the country, and it was based upon fear and lies.

  • This is Just Silly

    No, Obamaism is not worse than McCarthyism since McCarthyism was actually a thing, while Obamaism is not. McCarthyism was a systematic campaign against alleged communists within the US Government, instigated by Senator Joseph McCarthy. It is largely responsible for the current anti-communist and anti-atheist mentality in the US. Obamaism is just something someone made up to make the man in the White House look scary.

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