• Of course it is.

    Get over it, people. If it was fake, he wouldn't be president. I bet you nutjobs believe that birth announcement in the newspaper was fake, too, right? Oh, yeah, he's a Muslim born in Kenya and hates America. If you keep saying it enough, you might believe it. The dumbing down of America continues...

  • Yeah its real

    As a conservative, I can say that this is the type of thing that gives us such a bad reputation. He won the election fair and square and he will fail fair and square. Letting the color of his skin or background be a cause for doubt about his citizenship is one of the things that makes our party seem so intolerant and out of touch.

  • No, people need to get over it.

    Seriously, people need to get a grip. How would he possibly be holding (arguably) the most powerful position in the United States of America if his birth certificate was fake? Do people actually think there are no background checks before they get into office? What's scary is these people are actually allowed to vote. First, the GOP demanded Obama show his birth certificate. He did in 2008, and then Trump decided the short form wasn't good enough and conspiracy hacks decided to roll with it. Then the long form came out in 2011, and some are still denying it. Why are people questioning his citizenship? Is it because he's black? (*gasp) No, that couldn't be, 'cause that's racist. America's not racist anymore, right? Honestly, if he were white, would people be demanding proof? Why didn't people demand Romney's during the 2012 election? His father was born in Chihuahua, Mexico. How do we know Romney isn't really a Mexican? Barack Hussein Obama II was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on the 4th of August, 1961. That's the truth; simple as that.

  • Evidence says not.

    The birth announcements were just that. A phone call to the newspaper most likely announcing his birth. It doesn't say what hospital, or for that matter what country he was born in. It Just announces his birth.

    What is more amazing than people not looking at this evidence seriously is the fact that Barack and Michelle Obama, along with the Kenyan Ambassador have all openly declared that Kenya is his place of birth. Many other people have said that as well.

    Similar lawsuits are continuing in California and Washington against the man formerly known as Barry Soetoro.

    For a great Constitutional explanation of what the Founders had in mind about the term “natural born citizen,” I suggest you take the time to read Publius Huldah’s article on it.

  • Obama is a usurper.

    The birth certificate is irrelevant. Obama's father was a foreign national and NOT a U.S. citizen. Obama, Jr. is not, therefore, a natural born citizen and he knows it. The reference book used by the founders who wrote the Constitution was THE LAW OF NATIONS, a compilation of natural law by Emerich DeVatel. We know this because of letter that Ben Franklin wrote to a Frenchman who sent him several copies. The natural law definition of 'natural born' is a person born on the soil and of citizen parents, and the reason was to eliminate any possible foreign influence on the POTUS.

  • Obama is a fraud

    Obama birth certificate is the largest hoax in history, I could go to my printer and make a "certificate of birth" "confirming" that I a a natural born citizen of Switzerland more convincing than this piece of crap. It should be old and yellow if it was made in 1961, and Obama looks too young to be 55 years old. And that ink is a very poor quality, and seems to be using a different ink in different places.

  • Obama is a Rockefeller/Islam agent.

    Obama's mentor was Frank Marshall Davis, a communist.
    Islamics constantly call Obama as "our guy".
    Obama refuses to see Islam growth as a fact or a threat, and has taken plenty of Palestine-supportive measures, against Israel.

    There would be no problem in fabricating a man like Obama to these people.

  • Too many inconsistencies

    The birth certificate is a forged copy. There are too many inconsistencies that can be seen when viewing up close or especially when opening the file up in Illustrator. In the former case, one can see text that does not follow the curvature of the paper. One can also see extremely different "ink" used in various places where there is aliasing around the lettering and this is only the result of a computer generated line. In the latter case, that is opening in Illustrator, one can actually see and move independantly the various separate layers containing different elements of the certificate. This is something that does not happen when a certificate is scanned.

  • False, False, False

    He took too much time (months) to produce the so called birth certificate. If someone asks me for my Birth Certificate, I can produce it within 5 minutes. I do not trust anything Obama says or does. It should be quite easy to verify whether it is an original or fake.

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