• Yes it is.

    Obama's corporate tax plan is a very good idea. This will make it so they pay more in taxes, instead of being able to take advantage of the many loopholes that are provided. This will help the economy out and will help reduce the debt. Anyone who thinks this is a bad idea does not want to live in a better America.

  • Obama's corporate tax plan is a good idea.

    Obama's plan for taxing corporations is a good idea. There is a huge national debt, and corporations should be held responsible for their fair share. Companies take advantage of the benefits of our economy, and they should have to pay for its upkeep. Higher taxes on corporations will help to solve the recession.

  • Yes, Obama's corporate tax plan is a good idea.

    Yes, Obama's corporate tax plan is a good idea. If the plan works as it is supposed to it could create more jobs for the middle class. More jobs for the middle class means more money for them to spend as consumers, which will help the economy grow. It could also help keep companies from moving overseas.

  • Yes, the wealthy should pay more

    Yes, the wealthy should pay more. They have benefited greatly from the capitalistic system in the USA. As it stands now, CEO's are paid a much higher ratio to regulr employees than they were some 20 years ago. It hurts me when the wealthy complain that they are supporting everybody else when the middle class pay city, state, property and sales taxes.

  • Absolutely!

    Obama wants equity in taxes, simply put. Corporations should not be allowed the legal cheating they now get away with, what with tax loopholes and outrageous benefits and bonuses and outsourcing and ignoring of environmental policies. his plan will police them, be fair, and hold them accountable. It is definitely teh correct path.

  • Obama's corporate tax plan a good idea.

    Yes, Obama's corporate tax plan a good idea.“We want to restore a system in which American businesses succeed or fail based on the products they make and the services they provide, not on the creativity of their tax engineers or the lobbyists they hire,” Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said during the administration’s announcement of the new proposal.The election-year proposal would cut the top corporate tax rate—currently the highest in the modern world—from 35 percent to 28 percent. In exchange for a lower tax rate, Obama’s proposal would remove loopholes employed in all different sectors that allow companies to avoid paying taxes.

  • His tax rate plan is a good idea

    It has been proven that most new jobs are coming from the small independent businesses. It is time that Corporate America share a responsibility to the American economy by contributing their fair share. We must get back to basics of allowing individual entrepreneurs to expand their knowledge in helping build a solid American economy, thus putting more unemployed or underemployed Americans to work.

  • Obama Plans to Lower Rates, Decrease Breaks

    The word "loophole" has been used by President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney to describe the income tax code. Obama's plan for corporate taxes is unique in that it will satisfy conservatives and liberals. Obama plans to reduce the corporate tax rate while closing tax breaks enjoyed by large corporations. The reductions will help smaller businesses with their bottom lines while evening the playing field for small business owners to compete against larger firms.

  • President's Tax Plan Not Enough

    Sadly, Obama's corporate tax plan isn't a good idea because it doesn't do enough. Corporations need to be taxed at higher rates and given far fewer tax breaks. The government needs to pull more taxes from businesses and less from individuals. Otherwise, we're wasting a huge opportunity to improve our nation through taxation.

  • No, he is taxing away our prosperity.

    No, Obama's corporate tax plan is not a good idea, because he is taxing so much that businesses cannot operate anymore. Businesses cannot afford to higher new workers, because they spend all of their money on paying taxes. Obama has vilified big business, and this is not a positive thing for the future of business and the economy in America.

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