• Obama is Wrong

    President Obama is wrong in his wanting to give young illegal immigrants amnesty. This decision will bring in a flood of low skilled people that will be a tremendous burden on our society. Our welfare system will not be able to handle the influx. Security would also be a major concern.

  • Yes, young illegal immigrants should be given US citizenship!

    Yes, President Obama is smart to express his interest in ensuring a viable pathway to citizenship for young illegal immigrants. Minor children who are illegal immigrants often suffer the consequences of a "crime" that they did not choose to commit. In some cases, these children are even surprised to discover their own citizenship status as adults. Americans should recognize the importance of immigrant people in their own lives, and hopefully, Obama's initiative will allow younger children to someday prove how valuable their contributions are to American economy and culture.

  • Yes, a reprieve for young illegal immigrants is a smart decision.

    Yes, the decision to give young illegal immigrants a reprieve is a smart one. This decision does not come without some requirements. In following with the spirit of the United States- This gives those who meet those requirements, and more specifically those who establish work, a chance to contribute not only to the country but to better themselves as well. This opportunity, that is one of a free choice to conduct a professional work life of any kind, is one that separates the US from a number of other nations even within the circle of first world nations. And establishing some requirements in this regard while one seeks citizenship truly holds the aura that one is working for their right to become a US citizen.
    Aside from the intelligence in establishing this as national policy, it is a smart decision in regards to Mr. Obama's legacy.

  • Yes, allowing immgrants to stay is a smart move.

    We're all immigrants when you trace the ancestry of America. I think allowing young, illegal immigrants to have a life in the United States is a smart move. They're hard-working people who do not want to return to their lives across the border. This is the same reason the settlers came to America in the first place. Our ancestors are no better than them.

  • Question Is Not Complete

    The wording in the sentence does not indicate a clear idea. Obviously Obama is not handing out young illegal immigrants to anyone or any entity. It is impossible to guess the question-askers original train of thought and impossible to assume an certain idea that may have been present in the question-askers mind.

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