Is Obama's drone policy necessary to keep the U.S. safe?

  • Drones keep military personnel out of harm's way.

    The entire drone program should be applauded. We have near-universal access to anywhere on the planet, can target with great, though not perfect, precision, and the operators are safety in the United States and home for dinner each night. Drones equal the ultimate protection of American human life as there is no threat to military personnel and the punishment for the bad guys is swift, sure, and severe.

  • No. If anything it has the polar opposite effect.

    Drone strikes, statistically, on record, kill more innocent civilians through 'collateral' than intended targets.

    Drone strikes also seriously strain relations with Pakistan, a country that's very important to the U.S within that region, a country who yields influence around them parts and are a nuclear power.

    Naturally, as the Pakistani populace see their family members, friends and people within their communities obliterated on a regular basis by flying robots, I'm not sure you end up winning over too many hearts and minds as a result of that. It simply fuels more extremism, planting seeds for another wave of vehemently anti-American extremists who are willing to do anything, including die, to damage the U.S in anyway they can, seeking revenge for what drone strikes have done to their families, friends and community.

  • Paper, news, mainly Google, mainly common sense!

    I think Obamas actions are just a decoy to take our eyes off of the bigger picture. Our country is slowly becoming communist. Our rights are being taken from us right in front of our faces and we are completely blinded! He portrays himself to be such a great president by "taking care of the poor people," yet our economy is crap and has never been this bad before! He has now passed a law that we are no longer able to speak openly about our views in his presence. He has taken our freedom of speech away and we just allow it. He is trying to ban our guns, which some of you may be for the banishment of guns but in the Bible it lets you know that martial law plays a HUGE roll in the anti-Christ coming forth. There have been so many shootings since the talk of outlawing guns. Children and young adults have committed suicide, some intentional and some accidental. But the most concerning incident was the Sandy Hook shooting. Or should I say the fake set up that Obama had staged to look like a real shooting to give life to his gun outlaw plan?! If we have a president that will actually go to such extreme measures to fool America's people into believing such a terrible tragedy were true just to have our firearms taken away from us, what makes you think he wouldn't do something worse? Like for instance, attack America with drones! I'm sorry, but personally, I do not trust Obama to decide who is a threat to our country enough to give him access to drones. I mean, I don't even trust my own parents enough to have access to something so deadly! The only person I DO and would EVER trust with such a deadly weapon would be JESUS! And I don't think Jesus would ever want access to drones! Everyone open your eyes! Obama will be THE downfall of America! More than half of the things he has promised to our people and to our country has not happened and most likely isn't going to. He's too busy enforcing martial law and taking our speech away. He's too busy lying his way through office to get any actual work done for this country. I know that Rome was not built in a day...But after 4 years...There should be some progress or at least a light at the end of the tunnel. Yet, still nothing! WAKE UP, AMERICA before its too late!

  • Privacy Lost

    Over the past couple of decades technology has been improving at an alarming rate. As the technology improves Americans have been rapidly forfeiting their privacy rights. The Obama Drone policies are the latest in government abuses that contradict constitutional protections. Freedom isn't free and the public must steadfastly protect itself from those that would take our liberty.

  • Not in the least

    Obama's drone policy is a natural continuation of the sort of tactics adopted under Clinton and Bush, and only serve to damage our international standing as we repeatedly violate the sovereignty of other nations. Further, the policy has been used to unconstitutionally execute US citizens that government finds inconvenient without due process.

  • Obama's drone policy is not necessary

    Although Obama's drone war supposedly targets terrorist suspects in the Middle East, it kills a far greater number of civilians than the federal government or mainstream news sources are willing to admit. This has been well-documented by human rights organizations and news sources in the regions experiencing drone strikes. In the past, high-ranking US officials have attempted to cover up these civilian deaths by insisting that every casualty was a member of Al-Qaeda or another terrorist group. We know in hind site that this has not been (and is not) always true.

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