Is Obama's executive order on illegal immigration a good plan?

Asked by: Bruinshockeyfan
  • Yes, I feel President Obama Made the Right Decision on Immigration

    The people that have been working in the United States for a long time and have had children in the United States should be citizens so that they are not deported without their children. Also, the people who have been working in the United States without the right papers are paying taxes through paychecks that they will never hope to get back in the form of Medicare or retirement. If they have paid into the system they should have a chance to stay. It is a difficult issue at this time. There is no good answer. But what the President wants to do is set it right for those who have been here for a long time and then go forward with a new plan. It is not a bad plan considering the issues involved.

  • Yes and No

    I think some aspects, such as the tightening up on the border as well as increasing deporting (especially criminals and felons) is a great idea. The thing I am not happy about is the punishment for illegals already in the US aren't facing huge punishments. After all, they did violate the law.

  • Yes, It is important to take action against terrorism.

    Cowardice is not the answer to terrorism. It's best they know we are willing to do something about it. If they see we are unwilling to protect ourselves it would be giving them a free reign over our country. The idea is to reset the vetting process because something is not working, people are getting in with work visas and travel visas and they are committing crimes.

  • It's an INVITATION for illegals!!!

    Obama shouldn't have done this. Also, why didn't he do this last year when he had a Democratically controlled legislature and could have done it the legit way versus his SELF-ADMITTED UNCONSTITUTIONAL way?

    The illegals currently here should be officially legalized via the right process. Then the border gets closed and we only let them in the right way. If anyone gets in illegally, they get shot. End of story. That would discourage illegal immigration, and we could pick and choose the brightest people to let in at the top of the list, and those who aren't necessarily promising get let in last. That would give us an edge over other countries, because all the smart people would be running over here and we'd let them all in, and next thing you know, all the other countries are wondering where all their scientists and mathematicians and authors ran off to, and some of the more oppressive ones will have to force more democratic change in order to try and draw them back and prevent more from leaving.

    The way Obama is doing it is stupid. It's not fair to the people who are actually trying to get in the RIGHT way -- it's screaming at them, "You're stupid for trying to obey the law and you should just break it and have kids here, 'cause if you do we'll let you stay here anyway and not punish you."

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