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  • No, you cannot demonize successful people

    Obama's economic vision is not possible because when you take money and redistribute it, you take away people's will to work hard and get ahead. It does not work to take from people at the top, because they are the ones who own companies and provide jobs in the first place. This is evident right now is Greece, where they are having endless riots due to the fact that their entitlements are being taken away. When people are free to regulate the economy, like capitalism allows, this is when the economy thrives. People will work hard only when the reward is great, if Obama took a basic high school economics class he should know this.

  • I would say yes and no

    In a perfect world it would work and it would work marvelously but ironically our world is not perfect and so are people. Therefore liberal vision does not work or is not economically viable. You simply have to have limitation and some conservative views to be successful. The United States has been a unique country because of the determination hard work of individuals and not by social help

  • NO

    I wish that it could, I truly wish that it could, but it is simply not a viable option for us. Global trade and heavy taxes are destroying our economy, and a lot of the policies meant to help are only hurting those that need help the most.

    The health care idea, for example, has decimated a lot of people's health insurance and caused a lot of businesses to cut the hours of those that already live in poverty.

  • No, it isn't

    The economic model advocated for this country by Obama and leftists simply cannot work. Even in countries with more homogeneous populations, the social state idea is struggling. Obama's ideas can lead to nothing but bankruptcy. Eventually, the producers will have no incentive, and there won't be anybody left to take the money to give to all the social recipients.

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