Is Obama's new $2B Energy Security Trust a good idea?

  • Helps Make Money Without Taxes

    The Energy Security Trust makes money on interest from investments in a trust fund. The $2 billion seed money is all the taxpayer funding needed for the project. Grants and loans doled out by the trust will be due to the interest on the principal amount. So, this fund is a good idea in that no more taxpayer money is needed for funding the projects.

  • Yes it is.

    Obama's new $2 Billion energy security trust is a good idea. This is not a lot of money by any means compared to what we spend on other things and will more then likely save up money in the future. This will in turn help out our economy and environment.

  • It's a good thing.

    I am probably one of the few full President Obama supporters left in my demographic. But I still trust and believe in him and think that his new energy security trust, even at the expense of two billion dollars, to be a good thing. We will have to see how it plays out now.

  • For now it is bu time will tell

    The basics of the energy security trust are a good idea. It will help lead America into the future in a safer way. However with Obama behind it only time will tell what the true intentions are behind the plan. It may end up bring more harm than good to everyone.

  • Yes, it is a good idea.

    We as a country are sick. We are sick because we are addicted to oil, coal, nuclear power, and things that are slowly killing us and our planet. We need someone to lead the way and to get us to find new energy sources. This security trust is the way.

  • Yes, energy security is important.

    The United States is a large consumer of various types of energy and it is not likely to slow down anytime in the near future. Energy security is of the utmost importance in order to keep the United States functioning as a viable and productive nation. The idea of President Obama is a good one.

  • Yes, it's great!

    Why should be not support new technologies in this world? While here are a lot of places where our money can be spend, I am all for new research and development processes being encouraged. We should always want to become more advanced, since we are definitely behind many countries in the world in that regard. Why not push forward America!?

  • Where in the Constitution does the Federal Government have the right to do this??

    We do not have the money to do this, as a country or as individuals. Our utility bills will double or triple. That is unconscionable. Yes, we should move away from dependence on foreign (hostile, unreliable) sources of oil. But this will destroy thee economies of some coal producing states. I think Obama just wants to bring them to their knees

  • $2 Billion Energy Security Trust a Bad Idea

    Obama's $2 billion energy security trust isn't the best idea for the United States. Our country has far better uses for its money, and the people of America seem to agree with that sentiment. Therefore, the country shouldn't proceed with this trust because it won't benefit the country as much as using the money for something else would.

  • Obama's new $2B Energy Security Trust is not a good idea.

    No, Obama's new $2B Energy Security Trust is not a good idea. I do not believe that it is the government's job to pick the winners and losers in any industry. While shifting to alternative sources of energy and weaning ourselves of foreign oil are noble endeavors, our country is going broke. We're also in the midst of very trying economic times, so it's a tough prospect to try to convince consumers to use more expensive types of energy.

    The market for goods has a way of sorting these types of energy issues out on its own. We should allow it to work and not try to force expensive alternative energies down the throats of an unwilling public.

  • Not at all.

    While I'm sure the president had good intentions when he set up this new energy security trust, the fact of the matter is that we as a country are broke and we cannot afford to spend any extra money that we do not have. The national debt has become ridiculous because of spending.

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